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  1. You are an amazing lyricist bro! Mad love. Praise Yah the Father n Yahshua the son. Erriday.. they're the only ones that can save you from yourself or satan and his fallen ones. Love the song tho G.. imma have to check more of your music out now..

  2. Man i love love love this ❤💗💓💕💖💞 if i would of known about you a long time ago i would of been listening back then 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
    This relates to me in all honesty 😒😔😭 everything you saying thank God I've changed and it's all because of my baby girl she's my world!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This track is dope. This video is crazy nice. I am just not fond of that lie that keeps God's people from thinking there is still some "flesh" to kill when the Word specifically declares that if Jesus is inside then your "flesh is (in fact) dead because of sin". Our walk with God is all about coming from a place of complete victory than going towards it. This faith walk is an experience of discovering who and what we are in Christ now and what this mystical union with our Heavenly Lover is. You ARE holy, nothing less, the accomplished work of the cross IS perfect!! Temptation simply confirms my IDENTITY in Christ, IN LOVE. Satan said "did He really say you would die? Know that He knows the day you eat of the fruit you will be like God"…Adam and Eve were already like God. Don't let Satan trick you. Know who WE/you/Perfect Love/flawless God is..know the Victor #Yeshua/Jesus

  4. Straight goosebumps…. I came lookin for some ole Thi'sl style music; ghetto Jesus gangster rap but this…. This hit me right in the heart like this guy made a song of my life… You going on the same playlist as Thi'sl and pedittee my man. God bless!

  5. I saw Second Chanyce last week at an event in Atl and he ushered the presence of God in through his testimony and an acapella he spit and it was real talk. His music is real and it reaches a generation in desperate need of a real, tangible God. The anointing isvon his life and I pray God continues to use him for His glory to bring souls into the Kingdom.


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