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  1. I think the 9th Planet is a signal for the end of white rule on this planet….Black people mostly wont have too much to worry about if they get back in tune with their ancestors and give white people back their plagarized religions. (No offense to my white friends)

  2. God created the greater light- sun, lesser light- moon, and the stars. No planets. The 'planets' are wandering stars. Earth is flat with a dome (firmament).

    But I agree they are always blocking the sun. Odd since they worship it. Perhaps this is wormwood from the Bible?

  3. Im all for trying to find possible truth in all but crazy shit, but really? I found out the earth was flat by REAL AND GOOD evidence. This whole nibiru shit is for fucking idiots as far as I can see. Someone show me something more solid before I WASTE MORE TIME PLEASE.

  4. yep! the sun is always smeared from chemtrails even on the days when they're not anywhere else. I've noticed it for a few years now. so glad I'm not alone!

  5. i hope that you will encourage people to add as much information to their videos as possible, like the date, time of day and location so we can corroborate what we all see. i think these sightings are light effects produced by the clouds. do any of you have any links to videos where there are two suns but zero clouds?

  6. Agree with Project Blue Beam and HAARP (for which I believe they have a successor, as installations are being shut down), but disagree with "a planet is coming". Planets are wandering stars, both of which are set in the firmament, and are just lights. A Canon P900 will show that they appear to be under water as well (the waters above).

    Have you studied the Flat Earth at all? It's fascinating, and better science than the "curve" which a zoom lens can see through (meaning, the curve is not there).

    It's neat that technology can set us free, even as they attempt to enslave us with it: the Internet was originally designed to keep military communications connected (the slogan was "The Internet routes around damage", which in the 90s was enhanced (due to the Napster controversy) to "The Internet detects censorship as damage, and routes around it"), but it now allows us to communicate with each other — and auto-translation software, while not perfect, is at least under way.

    Which is a really weird thought, that the technology being whispered into man's ears is trying to undo what was done to keep the tower of Babel from being erected.

    And the second thought, that a zoom lens was useful militarily, but can now be used to help us discern the true shape of what we're standing on, and what's above us.

    Blessings to you Richie!

  7. Have flowed this for over 3 years now. You my friend are on point.
    Wake'm Up Richie. I live in Hull 02045 and have commanding views of Boston Harbor. The Binary planet System of Wormwood and its Many Moons are what is being hidden from us here in USA. The biblical Code in many other ancient Civilizations all have verified the Nemesis, Destroyer, Nibiru, Hercobulas, all are names given. Have you been to Marshal Masters, or Carlos Ferada all bring great investigative perspectives of what is their projection.
    Also Rene M. Moses has a biblical Prophesy U-tube site.
    Keep the Faith and keep sharing your voice.

  8. I'm gonna leave what most might think is a stupid comment. I've got this thing, when on a clear night, I go out & look at the moon. It's ALWAYS is coming up from behind my home at 10:00. I see it through the trees. Last night, same thing. I go out, look up & see stars so clearly. But no moon. I see moonlight, I turn around 180 & there's the crescent moon in FRONT of my house! Hate to sound like a nutjob, but that's what I saw. Even made my wife verify it.

  9. My speculation is Terraforming… spray us making it hot… continue spraying to stop from being hot (false premise)… make another sun and hide from us… make it real hot with two suns… blame us… carbon tax us… we die.

  10. CANADA>paused near 2 mins in< I have been watching the chem trails(heading in a western direction),very close lately. they start trailing real bad in the pm,,,and I can hardly see the sun 4-7 pm everyday that we get the sun here! which is not very often.oh my…its unreal. JESUS is the only way. What is real and what isn't? everything we know , we are programmed to believe all the lies cause they control everything.
    thanks for the video, keep looking up!

  11. well, its not a planet, it is a sun, i would say artificial, but man made would be better, frozen anartic circle, land within 500 to 1000 miles within. Need sun to warm it up. Ice melt water rises.

  12. Brother's and Sister's in Christ Jesus our savior allow me to provide biblical event's associated with past rendezvous with earth. First in the days of Noahs flood there was a firmament above in our atmosphere that was cracked allowing flooding to rapidly increase and the gravitational effects of Nibiru aka the "Destroyer" which cracked underground reservoirs flooding earth then a giant meteor impacted earth and the water makes a perfect conductor of the tremendous heat within the meteor for the rapid evaporation which allowed Noahs arch to settle. Then the "Exodus" and the ten plagues and water turning to red like blood from the iron oxide with Nibirus entering into earth's atmosphere and the dividing of the red sea. Then Joshua's long day were there was an extra twelve hours given to Joshua's to conquer his foes. Then Sodom and Gamorah was destroyed by asteroids and comets then at the day of Christ Jesus death. This gives so much proof to the word of God and now it's here again. Read Isaiah 24 but I warn you Its not for the faint and in 1Corinthians 10:10 are those who will be destroyed "MURMERERS" Then read Daniel chapter 2 were a stone not cut of man's hands is cast at a statue representing the four kingdom's in which we are the fourth the kingdom of iron mixed with "mirey" clay? What is the mirey clay, they are fallen angels mixing with the seed of men but can't cleave to them and the stone finally hits the kingdom utterly destroying it. Revelation 18:21 where a mighty angel casts a milstone the size of a huge mountain into the sea destroying MYSTERY BABYLON or New York City. The flying SCROLLS in the bible are our ICBM'S which describes all out nuclear war so this is the layout of the bible's prophecies regarding the wrath of God and he's coming back to claim what is his "YOU" and literally you can be assured that he's just about to crack into the world as we know it so you need to choose this day whom your going to serve! With or without you Its going to happen!


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