Sevin – Pray 4 my Hood FULL ALBUM
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  1. Like 30 seconds into it I had stop the video. What's up with dude Trowing up the devil horns??!! These Christian rapper's talk about GOD but in all there videos the rapper's are throwing up devil horns.. They're cursing us!!!

  2. Why are all these people being so ugly with these comment on this video hugh lord help them help us they no not what they do lord in the mighty name of Jesus i just don't understand lord and its not for me to God has everyone in his hands in Jesus name Amen

  3. Bros I want people to remember what an idol is you can be successful an have things but at some point when I see the exaggerated rims and chains I have to ask is all of this lip service. Man this life is full of idol, models, logos and brands. Be wise my brothers.


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