Sevin talks about his past suicide attempt and how it affects who he is as a person.



  1. We are all here to learn what it means to be human I grew up in oak park 4th ave park I saw a lot I believe where we are placed who we are is for a reason you take a person that has been born into wealth I believe that person is tested differently than a poor person maybe it’s a test to see which one understands life faster and what u do with that understanding life is a gift a journey one way in and one way out god bless

  2. I died once.
    Sept 10, 1991, 2ish am.
    Sheared 7 telephone poles and crushed several rails of steel guardrails.
    Ejected ftom the vehicle as it was flipping.
    The last flip ejected me & the vehicle landed on top of me.
    I don't think I died though, even though others claim it.
    I was spared damnation that night.
    Father sent an angel.
    I was "hit" by a bright light and then instantly was in a golden glow.
    I also saw the Kingdon of GOD on March 27, 2003 when I walked with my grandpa immediately after he died.
    I was very blessed to see what it looks like & how we will look.
    I can hardly wait for the Rapture.

    Know GOD ~ Know Truth
    Know GOD ~ No Fear
    Peace & Love To All

  3. Bro why you not commenting on how big of a hoax this whole Corona thing is? With the Holy Spirit don't you think it's your obligation to let people know the truth about this plan to Usher in the New World Order through this hoax?? No you sell masks instead… I got mad respect for your love of God but you need to start waking people up to what's going on because as Christians It's Our obligation

  4. I felt this. I thank God for Him. Everything He just said I'm 22 and it's been over a year and 2 months since God took me saved me in Jesus name. Not a single day that goes by I want to go back to my old life. It's true that I've been through temptations. But everytime I get tempted I nearly fall into it. But then Jesus opend my Eyes to remember Him and What he has done for me. I didn't come this far for nothing. God is real. God is real. Sometimes when I think back at the way I treated the Lord I am so grateful He still LOVES ME and willing to save me on that CROSS He gave me hope and STIL is eternally. I am so thankful. Sometimes I want to tell others who denied the Lord they're crazy. But I'd be a hypocrite to say that for I was once a person of the WOLRD but only through God's mercy and grace through Christ Jesus I am SAVED. But I know I have my job to do as a servant of God in Jesus name. Thank you God for your son Jesus Christ. It is truly an honour and a blessing. I really don't deserve God's everlasting Love in Jesus Christ. I can I ever thank him enough. I am grateful for every hospitality. But how can I be treated nicely when what I've done to Jesus was worse. That's my Sins that Got Him on that CROSS. We owe Jesus every Thanks and every praise glory and honour to God in Jesus Mighty name. Jesus is LORD of all lords and King of all Kings. He is God. GLORY BE TO GOD IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME.


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