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  1. what sam pound did: I'm Sam Pound, I'm number one Apologising for what I've done Case you’re wondering what that was I snuck into a bathroom and fisted my Cuz I held her down and watched her struggle Then played With her melons because I like tojuggle I’m not here to eat eats those truffles I'm just here to do the “sex offender shuffle”

  2. I saw a comment saying that the guy with a dog t-shirt was called Thomas Potter so I did his rhymes

    My name is Thomas J. Potter
    I'm here for doin' bad things my cocker
    I understand that what happened was all my fault
    No one stayed by my side after the assault
    I'm probly not the best person to own a beagle
    but I'm here cuz being a sex offender is ilegal


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