5/31/2021 – SMHP 2 has been deleted from YT with one stroke of a key for posting too much “severe” and “harmful” content. I appealed but at this point, I am probably talking to a robot algorithm. June 1, 2021. We march on spreading the truth. Thanks for all of your ongoing support friends!

4/30/2021 – I just deleted over 700 videos from my SMHP2 channel. It has 2 copyright and 2 community strikes. YT has marked it for deletion. I decided to remove all of the content that may get me another strike and have the channel removed from YT. I lost my larger channel that had 250k subs and over a 1,000 videos in February of this year. Many of you do not want to move to the new platforms and there are many on YT that still need to see this information.

You can find all of my videos from my old channel and this channel at these to links:
https://lbry.tv/@shakingmyheadproductions:2 – Libry TV (Original)
https://lbry.tv/@ShakingMyHead2:8 – Libry TV 2 (Backup – Now Main)

I am posting new content here al the time:
https://www.bitchute.com/channel/shakingmyhead/ – Bitchute
https://rumble.com/user/shakingmyheadproductions – Rumble

Song by Debra Snipes Seek Jesus

*** Remember to bookmark my website: https://shakingmyheadproductions.com
https://www.paypal.me/savedsoberawake/ – Invest in SMHP
https://www.facebook.com/smh.prod.52 – Facebook
https://twitter.com/shakingmyheadpr – Twitter
https://brandnewtube.com/@ShakingMyHeadProductions – Brandnewtube



  1. The Jesuits were created to combat the effectiveness of the Protestant Reformation movement. I wonder how Satan will try to deal with this channel smh Keep doing work my brother

  2. Don’t waver brother! Praise Yah for all he has done. Keep exposing. Just looked up your channel and saw this.. wow. Already subscribed.

  3. Will follow them all. your content has been a blessing for me please never stop fighting the good fight. Would love to see some stuff comparing modern sport to rome and the colosseum.

  4. I almost started crying when I saw the 2nd channel deleted and almost freaked out again when I saw the 3rd channel gone. I’m so scared for all of us

  5. Praying for you. 🙏🏽YT is doing you wrong. I couldn’t even find your channel, had to go through my subscription list to access you. You are a blessing, gifted , enlightening, consistent, wise and all around wonderful.💙🤍💕❣️

  6. Yeah these minions are sticking to their plan. Do away with all those who stand up for the truth. Great way to expose them. Keep up the fight I'm riding with you till the end bro!

  7. UGGHHHH!! it looks like we lost the "shaking my head productions" channel with over 64K subs too now…….I still have the page open in my browser where I paused "under the dome" the other day … it says "video unavailable" but I can still see all the comments on the page… I don't want to refresh the page my friend.. how sad! I am so sorry… yikes. well… everyone reading this please go sub to shaking my head productions on bitchute and odysee… please people… we need to let go of youtube


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