Please leave what Holy Spirit shows you, on what this dream means.



  1. A while back I actually had a dream of being lifted into the air by an unseen force about the time the mark of the beast became mandatory and Christians were being hunted. Right before someone got to me, is when I was hoisted backwards up into the air by the unseen force. It was a sunny summer day when everything was in season that grows around that time of year so that might very well be we’re in the season for the rapture. At least it seems like it to me anyway

    As for kids being colorblind, not necessarily. I recall being that age and I was definitely not colorblind at all! In fact I recall my whole childhood or at least most of it, even back to the moment I was born and didn’t know what was going on. I recall the nursery very well and being wiped off, that blinding blaring ceiling light in the delivery room and the clear crib I was put in in the nursery. I could tell you every color that was around me very accurately

  2. I do remember VCRs and vhs tapes. Lol. I still have one or more still around I believe. Lol. Everything old is coming back. They have a vcr,DVD/ cd combo I have seen I think it was on Walmart online. They're bringing back big updated boom boxes too on either QVC or hsn or maybe both now. Lol. Also old updated record player, and phones. I think they look really cool. Ok. Just thought I would share. Lol. Later.❤️🤣😁❤️🤗📷📸📻📺📼📽️🎥🤣😂😁🤗

  3. I'm not sure. I did pray before you read it to us , and asked the Holy Spirit, and the Lord to please let me know if it's anything they want me to share , and to help me share it. I didn't get a direct answer yet. Here is what came to mind listening though. I thought about the refrigerator trucks outside of hospitals in New York. I also believe the other part was showing her the Rapture taking place. That's what I feel so far. Thanks for sharing Ms. Jeannie. God bless her, and her Mom, and I thank them for sharing also. God bless you too Ms. Jeannie. Love your little sister in Christ

  4. LOL VCR's!! Thank you SO MUCH for posting this Sis Jeannie❤ I'm thrilled my Mom got this dream!! I'll be talking to her tomorrow and letting her know any comments that come in😊❤


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