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[Shazam as Robin? Damian Wayne White Washing? | Comicstorian]




  1. billy becomes robin being trained by batman, then becomes shazam and gets trained to use and control his powers by superman. afther that, he either becomes the single best superhero of the unvierse by keeping the best of both teachings, or become the worst nightmare of the universe if he gets evil

  2. Ra`s is Arabic born in the Byzantine Empire according to some Comics but his parents were Chinese nomads and Talia`s mother was a half Chinese,half Slavic hippie from New York.

  3. Why is it such a problem for Damien Wayne to have a darker skin tone his mother who is middle eastern and she has a darker skin tone (depending on artist) But any more recent years she has been drawn to look more like her ethnicity. In the video they say that they haven’t noticed thatTallia is Middle eastern. And that they didn’t see Damian Wayne as a minority character such as ms marvel. Damian Wayne is normally drawn ( depending on artist) as white passing. With I understand seeing the fact that his father is white. But even if he is half white he should still have middle eastern features. I have no problem with Damian Wayne being dawn with more middle eastern features. And I think that is how he should be portrayed because while he is half white he is also half Arab

  4. Well the creators seem to go back and forth about whether or not Damian is arab, doing things like putting him in a thawb for his father's wedding and bringing up his arabic names like "Hafid Al Ghul" and "Ibn Al Xu'ffasch", but then completely white washing him in other cases. Idk man, it's really stupid. It just feels like they go between the two so often, changing his skintone so often and all that. Also the Ian thing really is out of character.

  5. Wait, if he is called Ian and his name is Damian, he just took Dam away and then we have Ian… I still like Damian a lot more, so much cooler name. And now I go to Soundcloud and hear there the rest.

  6. I despise the Shazam movie for whitewashing Pedro PeΓ±a's adult form by casting the white-as-fuck DJ Cotrona. They also racebent Mr. Vasquez to be Samoan-Jewish, and whitewashed Mrs. Vasquez. 3 out of 4 Latino/Hispanic characters and they didn't cast actual Latino/Hispanics for most of them!

  7. I just watched Shazam (Yeah I'm a little late) and I found it to be a bore. I've collected comics for years and understand the idea behind Shazam but the movie for me went overboard on the goofiness and forced comical bits. Yes it's a decent family movie but a disappointing comic movie. I'm no Marvel fanboy as I like some DC, Image, Darkhorse and the old Malibu comics but to me theres a reason MCU fairs better than DCEU. If anyone liked or loved the movie then I'm glad they did. I don't want DC to fail and I hope the new Joker movie really boosts the DCEU.

  8. Damian Wayne was always meant to resemble his father.

    After all, the al Ghuls intended for Bruce to be the next heir, if not have Ra's submit his consciousness into Batman's, altogether. It's no accident that as a Designer DNA/Genetically altered baby that they wanted Damian to resemble the Batman himself. Also, putting the Designer DNA origin aside, just because Damian is mixed it doesn't rule out fair complexion. (Talia and Ra's have been depicted light skinned plenty of times too). Ra's was even a Nazi in Death and the Maidens #5.

    It's not uncommon for Middle Easterners/Asians to have light pigmentation (quite judgemental to assume all Middle Easterners are "brown", btw). Steve Jobs, Tony Shalhoub, Dr. Oz, Ana Kasparian, Freddie Mercury, Nasim Pedrad, all may vouch for that. Heck, even the kid who plays Bruce Wayne in Gotham is part Tunisian.

  9. i mean i like Damain being dark but i mean am also fine if he looks white some times i don't even notice half the time he is half white after all. the problem is the hair and the whole shape of that version of damain that throw me off…

  10. Fuck closure I want the actual vision for justice league 2 part movie that wasn't butchered by WB…..they fucked bvs and justice league….then Aquaman comes out and it's over 2 hours…… Shazam gets it's Time to tell it's story but lets rape bvs and justice league….. Steppenwolf literally running around saying mother for no reason…. like fuck that's not the movie anyone was proud to make so yea I don't care if it goes anywhere. Put it on the day app, I want to see the vision realized that comic book movies are more than the big action block bluster. Snydervers was a graphic novel…..the world wasn't ready. Let's make it animated and through it on dcu app ….there problem solved of the sequels

  11. Shazam being a robin would be cool actually I could see it being a secret that Batman doesn’t know about and just robin runs off after some goons then boom Shazam comes in and helps Batman then flush away as robin comes over .

  12. Wait.. I pay $12 a month for premium and still have to listen to multiple minute long commercials? Unsubscribed.
    It's a shame too because I like your Channel just as much as I like Comics Explained.

  13. Even if Damian Wayne was Middle Eastern, it's not that uncommon to find people in the Greater Middle East to have physical features to the extent of passing for White.

    -The Tocharians
    -The Chechens
    -The Armenians
    -The Kabyles
    -The Pashtuns
    -The Nuristanis
    -The Kalash
    -The Tajiks
    -The Uyghurs
    -The Kashmiri

    Damian Wayne is fine being depicted white. In fact it's been consistent throughout his whole existence, and I feel people crying out "whitewashing" are either too desperate to make Damian their own, or they're just simply overreacting over a standalone title. He's the Son of the Batman too. Of course he's allowed to resemble his father.

  14. okay so I have an issue with "the power of the gods" line for Shazam's powers. Solomon was a human king. Achilles is treated as only a human and if he is more than human he is less than a demigod as his mother was a nymph and not an actual god. Hercules is only a demigod. Even Atlas is a Titan not a greek god.


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