Originally Aired on November 28, 2014
Link: http://www.canarycryradio.com/2014/11/28/ccr-079-sheep-nations-dan-duval/

THERE ARE MANY VIEWS OF ESCHATOLOGY. Some have studied more than others, but it is clear that the Bible is chalked full of clues and ideas that many who are Bible believing Christians are simply unaware of. The idea of Sheep Nations is one of those topics. Basil and Gonz are joined by Author, Radio host, and Minister, Dan Duval who has uncovered a very interesting aspects of Biblical eschatology, specifically concerning Sheep Nations. In effect, Duval shows that there is a separation that occurs with people who will support the kingdom and people who won’t upon the return of Jesus Christ. The kicker is that they will not necessarily be the glorified believers who will be given new bodies. Rather, it will be the gentiles who are not yet saved. This sounds quite radical, but the argumentation is intriguing nonetheless.

While the discussion begins there, it is quickly derailed as the conversation gets into the Antichrist, and other end times discussions. Dan’s unique experience in deliverance and counseling of folks who have suffered from S.R.A. or D.I.D. has given him a tremendous insight into how the spiritual realm operates in conjunction to the physical. And being informed of these things, Duval brings a lot of knowledge to the table, some that go beyond the topic of Sheep Nations, where the discussion starts.


-Daniel Duval’s website (http://www.bridemovement.com/)



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  1. so mathew 24
    is going to bE like in the days of noah…and they were all hybrids transhumans…FALLEN ANGELS GIANTS…they are already to upload the mind into computers in the underground bases…WE ARE GOING TO BE THE ONLY HUMANS LEFT!!!…and have to survive that way..just like noah….he was the only human family left……

  2. The holly spirit told me looong time ago that it was going to be physical…I mean some christians are going to survive…some of us are going to SURVIVE..AND HELP JESUCHRIST BUILT THE NEW KINGDOM..i do not know everything,..but i never felt THE RAPTURE WAS FAIR….SInCE JESUCHRIST WENT THROUGH ALL THIS TOO …..i wont be left behind…cause i am a sinner…but because i will be ELEIVING IN JESUS EVEN IF THE ANTICHRIST IS RULING!!! JESUSCHRIST IS WITH ME AND GUIDING ME TO THE END….LIKE MY FATHER AND BEST FRIEND..AND MESIAH…and KING!!!!we already bought land with caves and rivers…are planning self sufficient communities…here in centro america and latter in southamerica….really doing it…and i have the VISION…that i need to assist more people that feel guided the same way me and PETER KENNEDY who is my partner ..we are both preparing 1….piritually!!!..getting closer to JESUSCHRIST and studying the bible…….physically…lgetting big lands in the mountains..planting trees..and bambu houses..rivers….lots of food storage..trees in big ldoing as much as we can….and we will be so happy if anybody anybody who wants to be in JESUCHRIST NEW KINGDOM..wanys yo come and work..or assist us…i contacted several times @DanielDuval..

  3. Regard the desire as woman I think is pretty likely taking about what woman desire. As an example woman's rights which would fall in line with the way a lot Islamic men View woman. What do you guys feel about that. It definitely falls in line with a lot of what we are seeing in the Middle East.

  4. Excellent. You guys tackled a lot of subjects and I wish there was more time to go in depth which each one. I'm glad you both put the pod cast on YouTube. I have been on a binge at work. getting the brain juices flowing. Keep up the great work.


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