“Fist high for the real ones, we about to shake the buildings, watch me do it like it’s every day.”

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  1. Christian huh. Guidance from the spirit huh? True wisdom and assertiveness huh? Your rocking the dress hermano thats a good trend straight from the laws of your boy lucifer. Awesome way to show humility and enlightenment btw dresses like the rest of the trends pushing materialism. Can't serve both man ether all in or all out luke warm while learning the commandments and still not braking from the ideas of the world is worse than one who full of sin and has never know the most high.

  2. "Greetings, that thing is jittery tight,
    futuristiclike, hopeful hipnotic, anointed
    essences, motivating the genre, as styles
    to evolve are almost promised to be unlimited,
    residue like remnant, remnants, to make all remnants,
    if Providence has Providence's way, or ways, the beauty of all races,
    global, to surpass matrixes, elated, not late, or making others seem late,
    or felt late, its laced with kool herc, named Hercules, for a spirited reasons,
    is wise to circulate it, circulations, streaming like rivers, or rivers streaming,
    face it, don't delete it, for thats racist, or promoting the devil who pacing
    who wants to see all genres erased, or polluted with subtle nice sounding basics,
    be clever like serpents, though watch your tongues with the dove, that loves to scrub
    things, bob sponge, have all mc dicks running, from vast men of methods, angelic wing chun,
    watch them demons, they think women are none, but they spit fire when they strengthen their male nun-chucks, and straighten female friends that seem to value the neck talk, the gold stocks are such, the Almightys beyond the cussing, as long as the youth don't hear it,
    non too technical no bluffing, but holds the most severe tech, or in reality, the most severe texts, similar to clips, its relevant like veterans, more like veteran's wisdoms, though not to despise the youth's speaking in video, and or most all these videos, its not only Rapzilla,
    though its just that Rapzilla, Godzilla, isn't pale like thriller, give life to bones, regardless of whether nerds or thugs, or whatever an criteria, the heart goal is home, love all, if possible,
    preserve even the ku kluts klan, to be calm, the populations dont want their lands, this isn't stan, though we would stand for you all too, let Lucifer and evil spirits be that on the news,
    and not the shitting on Abraham, thats true, change subject, we brand new, preserve your kids, we don't seduce, that is a learned thing, in the world theres enough virgins, may be a bit shrewd, on the horizon, prosperity increase, like burgers supersized and at a lower price,
    aint tonguing rats, but you know Mighty Mouse, dont tempt Providence with spouses, live,
    but better is wishbone, than lion king, unless its cubs, building houses to replace huts in third world countries, thats love, to be reflected like mirrors, not just foreign, but also in our national hoods, all that world currency going round and round like tupac's song, you know its not only aspects of bankers that love to disagree with it, but its not humans, its Providence that is the most professional robinhood, though the devil wants pandas,
    pray for strengths to resist that, for the All Seeing Eye has invincible hands too, can make cash develop on trees, and enhance international schools, levels of intelligence, included,
    and before the world knew it, that is the physical world, humans would be zooming in hovering vehicles, Creator of our species isn't fond of the non merciful though you know how they do king hoovers, or the similar, i mean, a year done came and went, and they still riding Hilary, as if Clinton didn't get the nation out of debt, in a way, they often seduced to forget, that subtle pride is why the shining angel went, delving like lightening, rather the lamp of the body, not fighting, its the voice of the ancient legend, not legions squirming in pigs, off them cliffs, these things are priority oriented, for the pig owners were complaining, backwards in their thinking, thinking the value of the status quo pigs as an priority, than the priorities of the Author of your kids, yet we were all kids, elementary, we fish, divert the thoughts of bitches, them things are spatial, not humans, mind transformers, and hate an entirety of Humanity, they're subliminal mind genius thieves, against prayer on knees,want you to kneel to them, not referring to normal to humanity oriented vices, its regarding your breathing heart, literal, drink these words like minerals, loving you is this tongue spiritual, beyond sex, trust it, crown aint trying to be the best, for we all crowns, but the clown dont want you know that, them clowns are literal beyond trillions, and they want to fuck your daughters, remember fuck aint a bad word, we all came through that, but Providence's wisdom is the true Vagina, so don't get dooshed, that thing is mad mushee, mental wards, but those wards are often filled with the raw true anointed,
    till God's selah fifth wheel rolls, and with plans, spoils things" ".

  3. This is just terrible! A lot of boasting for 3 โ€œChristianโ€ artists! It would have been nice if yโ€™all would have boasted in the cross that Christ died on, but thatโ€™s asking a lot esp in 2018. Smh.

  4. This is the first time I've ever heard Shepherd and Loso. Shepherd reminds me a lot of Jidenna, and Loso has some funny lines XD. The production on this video was sick too! Great song and video homies!


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