As crime continues to increase in Seattle, Washington following the popular ‘Defund the Police movement in 2020,’ fatal shootings have reached a historic 25-year high, according to police.

“This is one of our highest years, and we are on pace to exceed the last two years, and this has been a concerning trend,” Interim Police Chief Adrian Diaz said earlier this month of fatal shootings in the city.

“We are passing our 25-year high that happened just two years ago,” said Mayor Bruce Harrell, who preceded former Mayor Jenny Durkan and ran on restoring public safety in the city, has been an advocate to refund the Seattle Police Department after their budget was slashed by more than $50 million in 2020.

The council’s war on police resulted in a significant staffing crisis after officers left the department. Although Harrell seeks to restore law and order, and other members of city council remain set on finding alternatives to policing and refuse to acknowledge that the city is in a dire public safety crisis caused by their own legislation.

Seattle Police Union President Mike Solan, and other law enforcement officials have warned that the war on police needs to end or the lawlessness in communities will increase and soon become unlivable.

While I was walking in downtown Seattle on Tuesday afternoon, a shooting occurred on 3rd Ave and Yesler. I investigated the incident, and interviewed bystanders to get the public’s take on whether or not there is a public safety crisis and if the Seattle Police Department should be refunded.

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