SHOULD CHRISTIANS DO ONLINE DATING? Dating is one topic the Bible doesn’t specifically address, but it does provide general principles of wisdom which can be applied to dating. That’s what I hope to do in this video! I also may or may not be sharing something that happened to me that gave me a lot of clarity on the topic of #ChristianDating. 😉Oh, and there’s a very special GIVEAWAY happening in this video—with 3 winners!

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this topic of #OnlineDating. If there’s any good #ChristianDatingAdvice you’d add to this conversation, be sure to drop it in a comment below. 💛



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“For whatever does not proceed from faith is sin.” | Romans 14:23



  1. oof I needed this today, thank you! I have such a fear I won't meet someone if I don't put myself out there because I don't usually go anywhere I download dating apps and have such bad luck with them

  2. 99% of the women out there professing "Christianity" are false professing.

    You can tell by simply holding the KJV to their words, actions, thoughts, behaviours, et al.

    All of their testimonies are garbage and false, unbiblical.

    They have no changed life.

    They do not have the Holy Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    They are not persecuted for standing on the word of God, from the unbelieving world.

    They are all worldly, and enjoy worldly things.

    There is no separation from them and the world.

    They are unskilled in the word of God.

    They hate correction and reproof, especially from the KJV (the HOLY BIBLE).

    They believe in so much heresy and vain philosophies, and follow all the known false prophets.

    They have no real convictions of sin.

    They have no desire to be afflicted, mourn and weep…aka humble themselves in the sight of the Lord.

    They are in debt, in secular jobs, running some false ministry, and yoked up with unbelievers in doing so.

    They drink alcohol like the lost world.

    They believe their "man" should be their "equal".

    They read occult witchcraft books like JRR Tolken.

    They have no real and good fruit.

    They are part of ungodly modern churches.

    And, most of them are on ungodly dating sites. (as if the Lord would send his flock to dating sites.)

  3. Pray to God and use gods word to decide if you should use a dating site not man's word or these videos. But very good explanation. I use u- tube now in lockdown to spread the message of the cross.

  4. NO, dating is not of GOD. It is of Satan and during ancient times, it was something that pagans did. Even though we are living in modern times, GOD does not change. “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever (HEB 13:8, KJV).”

  5. Pride is the greatest SIN……ask Lucifer……he know very well! It was the reason why God disposed of him, stripped him of his position in heaven. That is why the devil desire nothing more than for you to become PROUD, full of PRIDE. For pride disqualify you from eternal life! The whole world system with internet at the pivot is geared and manipulated to promote and publish self love….self glorification, self-confidence and godlessness! ● …..period.
    So tell me?…..does your time of prayer and consecration to GOD match your cellphone, internet and pleasure time? Do not fool yourself with…..Bible apps, christian fb usage and such. I tell you in the name of Yehosua the Messiah, the Lamb of Elohim that neither The Father nor the Son is "online" ……James 3, 11-12 clearly says good and bad don't come from same source! Internet is the greatest manmade source in human history…….GOD NEVA SHARE THE STAGE WITH SATAN.

  6. The bible speaks to everything, but it's in principles, either explicitly or implicitly, based on doctrines, supported by two or three scriptures, in context. I really enjoyed the video and it was really sound in principle. Thank you!

  7. That's very good advice very wise for someone your age you seem to be wise beyond your years I believe that for everybody there is someone made by God in my case I have to use Christian dating sites because where I live I don't think there's any dating clubs you can actually go in and join for speed dating that I know of so I'm listening to your advice and find it very interesting because I'm new on the internet so keep up the good work I enjoy the knowledge of learning cuz this is something I don't know much about

  8. Thank you kaci for this video god bless you your family and your friends you have a wonderful fantastic awesome bless safe beautiful day enjoy the rest of your day🙏📖😊❤

  9. The examples are awesome. However, Ruth is female and is actively searching where Issac is Male and his wife was brought to him. What other Biblical stories are there for relationships where the female is searching or waiting for the partner God has for them? With these two examples it could sound like the women have to do the work while the men are just waiting. Could this be expanded upon please? Thank you!

  10. I met my husband on Tinder in 2016 🥰! We got married on March 20th 2021! I had been fed up with dating and asked God to bring me my kingdom spouse. A few days later my friend insisted I download Tinder. And I told her no I was done with dating. Moral of the story: don’t put God in a box & be direct with him about what you want and then LEAVE it in his hands!

  11. Met someone on Bumble since I live in a small town & in my church it's all older people. I'm very straight to the point that I'm looking for a guy who has a personal relationship with Christ & I keep on asking him about his theology. So far he's been promising. But still praying about it. Also, told him all my boundaries.

  12. I think people should wait on God because he said he has a plan for us all so we should wait on God to have the right person because God Is going to send the right person at the right time

  13. My husband and I met on a dating app. He is the best person I know. And 5 years and 2 kids later, so thankful that God brought us together in His way and time.

  14. I personally don't like it (not the dating app kind anyway) because I believe it's normalized turning companionship into a shopping experience/objectification and place of entitlement. People used to live in villages or towns and they'd have a few people to pick from if not an arranged thing and it was about forging a community/putting strengths together. Now it's focused on filling a sense of emptiness and idealizing.

    We don't live in a chivalrous world anymore. It's normal for men to expect sex in return for a meal or to get harassive and crazy if they are rejected. Women have to be extra careful who they trust themselves with. Discernment is key.


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