Is Prepping A Lack Faith or Does The Bible Supported It?
Please Share Your Experiences or Comments About Prepping.



  1. Love this info & it's really good to be prepared. I have a friend in another state who is blessed to live on a large property with a barn, and she has turned her barn into a prepper area. She cans and jars foods, as well as buys things on sale. For example, and certain toilet paper could be BOGO and she will buy one for the house & one for the barn. She has been doing this for many years now, and though she believes in the pre-trib rapture, she feels that if any of her family is left behind then they will have a place to come and get food/supplies. A silver generator would be a good investment, although they can be sort of pricey. So many health benefits of colloidal silver, particularly for infections. There is also a place called "In House Pharmacy" in a tiny little island called Venuatu (I probably spelled that wrong) where you can buy Rx without a dr script & they are legit medicines (antibiotics etc) I'm not sure about posting the link here because I don't want this video to get flagged, but it is (typed all together) in house pharmacy (dot) VU and the prices are very reasonable.


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