A new book may disprove claims that the linen cloth bearing Jesus’ image is an elaborate fake.



  1. I don't believe 2,000 years ago some one had the idea to fraud the Shroud of Turin. What would be the gain? I was raised in a Christian home, I believe in Christ and no one will defer me from my beliefs.

  2. I personally don't believe that's Jesus Christ. Mainly because when the buried Jesus, they took the crown of his head, where as this once looks like they wanted to depict that.
    Also, back then, all men had long hair and a beard.
    Also, if he was laying on his back when placed in the tomb, there's no way for his hair could would show on the cloth.

  3. Sup Vaticanos,
    It is our Kata Koora, or so called ELVENS Art..

    We are back including your Christ spirit is with us,
    Finally, Revelation Time
    Don't deceive your own human kind.
    We know who we chose…

    He is in the Philippines.. man who has mole on the left forehead

    Look at Christ photo,
    Many faces, codes and numbers and signs and symbols..
    And on the top of the head of Jesus Christ is the mystery guy..
    Hahaha that man is in the Philippines…
    In Sweet Orange Street Barangay Rizal, Makati City.,
    Christ bloodline.. genes… Like a chain.
    Christ name is an ELVEN name..
    The God of Heal… Of one the Gods and our former Horus

  4. Lol how can that be Jesus when the Caucasian race is not a dominat race. They come from black people so how can the man that walked this earth a black jew in Africa with wooly hair be white if white people come from black people. How can a non dominate race be jews of the earth.

  5. Say hello to the image of Yeshua/Jesus/Eashoa/God. It is He who is on the Shroud. (FYI- I saw it up close in person in 1990.) Dumb, dumbs have tried to replicate it and can't so they lie about it. Fake scientists try to discredit the Shroud and never have and never will. It's a metaphor for all the losers who keep trying to discredit Christ. The ash heap of history is piled high with lost souls who compete with Christ. Peace! JK

  6. Jesus is tamil man
    Jesus real name is, Kesha Krishna
    In, Hebrew language , previous people will called him yeshua Or yahshua .
    Middle years, Jaiswa
    Now morden days our people is tell Jesus
    Kesha Krishna , mother tongue is
    Tamil, and also medium powerful tamil siddha

  7. This study was retracted. It was horribly flawed and incredibly biased. The shroud was carbon dated and none of those results say it was near the time believers claim it was from.

  8. I believe in my heart and mind , this is definitely the Shroud Of Jesus! No one in the world can prove it isn’t! They have tried for over sixteen hundred years!
    I adore You and praise You, for by Your Holy Cross You have saved the world!
    Thank you Jesus…..please save us again 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💜

  9. Eh em that's my picture shroud cloth. He said I would die if I saw him, I said have you seen my win.NT, the Vatican needs handover to nini. The littlest sister of the eldest brother.

  10. Read exodus 20:3-5 where God Almighty warns us all not to engrave or create any images of Himself and worship it. God Almighty's word never taught us to become idolaters, so beware of these things. He never contradicts Himself and He never will.

    Jesus face and body was covered in blood: why does the cloth have black/grayish ink outlines of shapes within the image and specks of blood here and there around the inked outlined image?

    I believe in the resurrection of Jesus. The discrepancy is: if Jesus truly resurrected on the 3rd day and His body was never found by Mary who searched for Him, then that simply means that there was not enough time on planet earth for His image to have became part of a photo shoot via cloth material. If so, then Mary would've found it 1st and brought it to the disciples and it would've been written all over the new testament by Matthew, Luke, Mark, and John.

    God's entire word encourages us to live by faith and not by sight and to stay on the straight and narrow. There's too many crafty money hungry folks trying to mislead the masses who are not in the word of God to honor that cloth (as though it were the new American Idol on stage… suddenly they put it out into the public eye in 2013). If the God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob truly loves idols why did He destroy Moses staff? Plus, why did He take the whole body of Jesus up to Heaven? Lastly, why would God Almighty our loving Father leave a cloth of His son's image to become the idolaters greatest downfall, and then warn us throughout the bible that idolaters will not inherit the Kingdom of God and will be placed in the lake of fire?

    *Conclusion, that image was definitely man made, and the number of warnings throughout the bible (old and new testament) shows how much God Almighty abhors idols, and truly desires us to believe in Him by faith not by sight.

  11. FACTS – The lord said why do you call me good, only god is good-Jesus was not god and not good. – The Lord made love, and slept with Mary Magdaline-who gave birth to his child, a sexually happy, kung-fu expert that hung upside down until he reversed gravity and floated on air , over the water. A Martial Artist and Buddhist Monk. Infinitum north pole ice age and Brown Woolly Mammoth Wool Haired Elephants and blue eyed Cro-Magnon King Davids on his head and both shoulders-HOLY SHROUD -VATICAN-Resurrection of King David 6ft 4in 308 lbs of White Nordic God of Thunder (THOR) The Lord was a barbarian and warlord. David said submit to the authorities. The lord was not infinitum cotton haired gorillas on his head and both shoulders . . Jesus was King David. My great etc……. grandpa and twin from mary magdeline's child bloodline. God loves Israel – homeland of Gods Jews. . Lord and father were one and the same, The Lords father was King David -Jesus was King David. We must defend Israel, homeland of Gods Jews. . Spiritual people are warriors. veterans and patriotic people loyal to Israel . You must be reborn of the spirit to see the kingdom of heaven, true meaning-you must be reborn of the attitude to see the kingdom of serenity . pass this on. The Jews And Israel are Holy.

  12. Research suggests Jesus's image is real. But we're not going to tell you what that research is or how the radiocarbon dating that proves otherwise was discredited. Back to you, Jim.

  13. GOD is an enigma , so is his burial shroud, how could a human woman give birth to the son of GOD, how can a human and a divine nature be in the same man, how could a man come back from the dead in an ever last nature.
    When i see christ i see
    An enigma, what do you what from his burial shroud, natural law at work? Pax Christi

  14. The testing done in the 80s included removing a tiny piece of cloth that was not part of the original. Even it is not real, it is not a "fake" or a "forgery". It might have been used by early Christians in processions or other religious ceremonies.

  15. these europeans really wanna keep up the grind jesus is white and their close to god huh but god said he hated esau also just saying something is owned by Jesus means nothing without proof

  16. If u are atheist please, i please u as a man, don't start disrespecting people's opinions arrogantly. I am a Christian and i don't start saying that atheism and big bang theory isn't real even tho i think it's complete bs


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