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Deep in Siberia’s Taiga forest is Vissarion, a cult leader who looks like Jesus and claims to be the voice of God. He’s known as “the Teacher” to his 4,000 followers, who initially seem surprisingly normal. Over time, however, their unflinching belief in UFOs and the Earth’s imminent demise made this group start to look more and more like some sort of strange cult.

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  1. Дайте им всем достаточно денег и они прекратят эту секту…
    Не тратьте деньги на полицию.
    Лучше Отдайте деньги им.
    И вся эта секта прекратится.

  2. Well, the true Lord Jesus has already foretold & warned us about this kind of culprits. So this is no suprise.
    People get caught to these type of liars only because of their lack of knowledge of the scriptures !
    "Jesus said to them: “Watch out that no one deceives you. Many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am he,’ and will deceive many.
    (Mark 13:5-6)

  3. The link is follow up information on this person. This “organization” seems very sketchy….why take passports?

    This is not a new story & they all tend to end the same way: Abuse, Theft, and all types of Evil intentions.

    God will judge us all one day. His Word makes it very clear about misleading His children.

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    The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is the leading Islamic organization to categorically reject terrorism. Over a century ago, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad emphatically declared that the “jihad by the sword” has no place in Islam. He instead taught Muslims to follow the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad’s example and defend Islam with a bloodless, intellectual “jihad of the pen.” Accordingly, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad penned over 80 books and tens of thousands of letters, delivered hundreds of lectures, and engaged in scores of public debates. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community continues to use education to peacefully reform Muslims and revive Islam worldwide.


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