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  1. Contreversy 7 This week in the newspaper that made the newa cover, a bodybuilder man who became trans and now a "false woman" this wilrd is very sick… I understand a girl that try to be more femenine and as a man to be more masculine. But how it come to a very very masculine guy that work hard to be as much masculine to turn to the total opposites that he is not… Of course he don't have the Holy Spirit withing him. But thats sooo sick

  2. There's nothing new under the sun…our Sovereign Elohiym, Yahweh El Shaddi destroyed the city of Sodom and Gomorrah for the abominations that are taking place in these days…Because of the evil that lives in our rebellious hearts, mankind is on the path of self destruction!!! I thank my Elohiym that my hope is built on Yahshuah's Righteousness and not my own righteousness…Shalom.

  3. When absolute truth is exchanged for a lie, then this is leads to the destruction of humanity. A society that doesn't stand for truth, become consumed with subjective delusions of the mind. There is a break down of reality, when there is no absolute truths the society is on the cusp of destruction.

  4. If the people directly involved in this decision are not concerned about it. We should not be affected to mush by their choice. To my memory the Bible says nothing about men or women thinking they are the opposite. If you are assuming that he is having relations with another man then, that would help understanding where you are coming from in this video. He is not lying about himself just confused. Now the ones letting him in know of his advantage and maybe see it as a challenge to be overcome. Just imagine the female that beats him. What an accomplishment.

  5. This is the elites plan to decrease population. Do these people consider they won't beable to have children? If they mutilate themselves they won't. I saw a man who won the female MMA's. Is this just a way for a man to beat a woman legally? Because that is what it is. Legal battery upon women. I also saw a Dove commercial where a man became a woman after his wife gave birth. He's now a mother to this child? This child is going to grow up so messed up just like it's father. This mental illness spreading through our country is sickening. God help us. BTW That close up of your mouth was just weird.

  6. It's no longer about scientific, physiological or biological facts. It's ironic how Christians were once criticized for their views on science, for whatever reason. But now, because of the false and dangerous "political correctness," many people in our society want to completely IGNORE any scientific facts, and then to go along with confused & disturbed individuals, who THINK or FEEL like they are boy born in a girl's body, or a girl born in a boy's body. It's all about "personal feelings" over actual facts.

    People who go along with this nonsense are enablers. They accept, encourage and support such bad behavior in so-called "trans-people." Seriously, they pretend that the natural biology and physiology in such human beings, no longer matters. No: people, in order to be liked in general, say to transsexuals "Oh, be whoever you want to be." "Just be yourself." "Follow your dreams." "I won't judge you." "I'll support you in whatever you do."

    Sad, truly sad. No amount of surgery, hormone injections, counseling or any type of "alterations" to your person, is ever going to 100% change you from boy to girl, girl to boy, man to woman, woman to man. It will never happen. All such trans-persons will ever get is a lot of heart-ache, further confusing and all kinds of disappointments.

    And, yes: one of the major problems under-lining trans-sexuality, aside from a personal identity crisis, is a spiritual problem, which "Controversy 7" described very well in this video. Yeah, there are probably other mental & emotional problems involved with trans-sexuality, with may be connected to some type of abuse, neglect or trauma, which occurred earlier in life. However, the spiritual and demonic problems cannot be ignored, because they sadly do happen, and do affect vulnerable human beings.

  7. Male is male. Female is female. You aren't going to change that…Right on! Great video! It is a mental, mostly spiritual problem. It was way over the line when they denied a child help, in Oregon, or Washington (State) …I think, when he was having gay thoughts, knew it was wrong, wanted help & was denied it, & the law that allowed him help was scrapped…Yes, an agenda at work for sure!

  8. did you just say "pissed-os-ity"?
    that is fabulous! I am gonna put that into my vocab!!
    Of course, he won!! He has man-muscles. It won't be long & there will just be mixed gender teams, that would solve the whole problem.

  9. I wish I could have Joined the Female Wrestling Team as a Teenage Boy! I would not have missed a single training meet! I may have even gone a few extra years in High School to wrestle with the females and no I will keep all my original parts! I just Love Wrestling Females!

  10. Completely unfair advantage. And getting worse by the month. Jesus Christ…..Yashua Masiyah…whichever language you profess in CALL ON THE SON OF THE MOST HIGH.

    The time draws nigh when the chance may be taken from you.

  11. Have you never read the bible? Have you never heard of loving your next? And people like you call themselfes christians, don't even respect other human beings. People as you are exacetely the type of people where schools failed.
    But Ill stop complaining about this befor my brain dies, because of this pure cancer, I'm going to take a bath with my boyfriend and my girlfriend, read a book about physics, you know that little thing that says, that the earth is not flat. And think about the great times when things like this will be totally normal! #thesamerightforeveryone

  12. I live in a suburb in Ipswich, Australia and yesterday at K-Mart I saw for the first time, to my horror, an unattractive middle aged man in a short skirt and long boots and the hairiest thighs I've ever seen!!! Oh my goodness the world has gone completely mad!
    Yashua is coming back very soon I just pray everyone is prepared.

  13. I just recently got a new doctor and was filling out the initial papers and when I got to sex there were like 4 different choices. Absolutely ridiculous, what is happening in this world.


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