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  1. I had a dream, that I was walking through a square and stumbled upon a dead person who was lying on the floor and when I looked around me there were like 100 people dead
    on the floor! What does that dream mean?

  2. “The royal daughter is all glorious within the palace; Her clothing is woven with gold. She shall be brought to the King in robes of many colors; The virgins, her companions who follow her, shall be brought to You.”
    Psalm 45:13-14 -NKJV

  3. I had a dream with John paul 11 We were on the huge steps of the church and he was praying for me in a different language. This was in 2004 right as he was ascending.

  4. Tonight June 5th theres a supermoon … Witches, warlocks and shamons are doing something supernatural tonight! The Christians need to 🙏 and raise a prayer shield for our President and country! Prayer circles and share share share!

  5. I believe that Father is going to release the hidden truth concerning how every believer can become a disciple of Jesus rather than just a disciple of his or her church or pastor or denomination. I further believe that becoming a disciple of Jesus Himself is the beginning of the path which leads to life which few choose as compared to the path which leads to destruction. The times will come when only true disciples of Jesus/Jeshua will be able to stand, and all others, no matter how strong we think we are in the Lord, will fall away. Read Luke 14:25-33 and John 8:31-32.
    And those who choose to become disciples of Jesus Himself will obey Jesus and His commandments not only to love, but to not be called Rabbi or Teacher, for He will be our Rabbi/Teacher! They will be crucified to the world, the flesh and the devil, and be able to live for God alone according to 2 Corinthians 5:15!

  6. Hi Sid… I enjoy watching your shows… I also felt the same that God is bringing you into a new dimention after I heard your dream last time… God often speaks to me too in dreams which come true in life… God speaks through dreams… May you lead a healthy and long life… God bless you Sid…

  7. Listening to the dream …in my view I believe the dream is more a personal word to you sir …..showing your Span and level in reaching mankind and that you are covered by Christ’s intercession .. constantly because many other people are being reached through. This ministry of the body of Christ and it is not to be taken lightly as if it’s not on par with other ministries for what God has and is doing

  8. Jesus is the Son of God,  do not miss that important fact. He is the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to our Father but by Him. Jesus Christ cannot be compared with any prophet. Jasper the friendly ghost, what utter nonsense of a prosperity angel. Tell the Christian in North Korea of your prosperity ghost, or the fact that 11 of the 12 apostles were martyred because of their religion. The 5G concept is also outrageous, there are existing fibre technologies far exceeding the 5G deliverables. Are this all NAR ideas and are you part of this?

    The Messiah The Jews are waiting for to come MUST be The Son of David.
    JESUS is NOT The Son of David nor a descendant of King David.
    Remember Christians, The Messiah MUST Not be a Jew, Jesus is a Jew.
    The Jews are right about The Messiah.

  10. Your saying all my path is true I need to do all what is not good what I see is I will go hell if I walk that path i feel like crying now after this video you are telling not just me other we should walk with the System I walk with the system I will lose my self for good Satan is the system

  11. You are saying the reason my messages is everywhere is because not me god is sending my messages all over things I want and god is happy he will give me I was thinking I was talking to my mind to person with out texting or talking in real like wave in our mind taking to minds only problem is this is only going to end humans microchip will not save brothers and sisters your like saying let Satan win and we all turn away from god the words you are saying that is I’m wrong god wants us to walk with Satan doing now your telling us this is good something not right no I choose walk with god and not take that micro chip because you are now telling us take it

  12. Yeshua,Jesus is coming soon. Please explore the True Pentecost June 6-7. Look at Gods Calendar, the Celestial calendar. Get ready! Prepare your self, forgive everyone, focus on God, repent for not having Him 1st in your life. Repent and come to Him! He loves you and wants you to spend eternity with Him.

  13. Brother Sidh Roth, I am writing to youMy name is Romel Shaol yokhena and I am an Assyrian from Iraq. I live in Denmark, I am the founder and pastor ,The Lord gave me the prophetic eye
    And see the continuity of dreams, the Lord gave me many visions and declarations, especially on what will happen in the end years ago, and in particular he gave me visions on the President of the world, on the war on Israel, and on what will happen from the events.

  14. Dear Sir, thank you for your several good shows with different prophets. I often watch you. I would like to speak to you about my vision which I experienced in last two weeks ago.
    I was praying in the tongue…..
    I was invited by my church pastor for some deliberation of. Every body is sitting for lunch. Me too with my pastor and his wife. I picked up my full plate and prays over. Actually I have invited Jesus Christ for lunch. As I was holding up the plate, Jesus spears and takes a plate of food from my hand and handed me a plate full of diamonds. I keep the plate on table and opened my eyes and I saw the plate Jesus handed me a plate full of diamonds. I am so astonished.
    This becomes the talk of the town.
    Next day so many reporters comes to my place and they want to see the miracle again. I get very upset with them. But they don't listen. I try to explain, it is God who did it. It's not me. But all in vain. I again take food and offer it to God. And pray over. All people anxious around me and with cameras on and watching over me. Believe me Jesus spears again and again he takes a plate from my hand and handed me a plate with Golden crown. Kind of cross sign on four corners. A pure gold with precious stones studded.
    I take the crown and place it on my head. And suddenly I was changed in to spirit body. It had a shape of body but no flesh. I had head but no face. My cloths changed like Jesus Christ and I was absolutely no weight. Not even equal to feather.. Oh you can't imagine the feel I experienced in that body. When I came in to my senses I was still praying in tongues. My God what a feel of that spirit body amazing. Thank you Sir for listening to me. God bless you. Amen.
    I would like to know the meaning of this vision. Please if you can help me. Thank you. God bless you all always and keep you safe and healthy. Amen.

  15. Before I became a fallower of Jesus I have been told I have the gift of clarvoyancy but when I became eborn it is called prophesy. I had a dream that I and others were going to die in water. This is what we need to prepare is to accept God and not sin as others say there will be a flood in 10 yrs. The worlds continents will change. Man has to come back to God take your sacrements in homes even during Corona and other plaques. Don't stop taking sacrament on sat or if your sun.

  16. Well recently the Lord has been talking to me about prophets without angels, even "Moses" saw an angel of the Lord first, not sure what it means yet but i'm being obedient here it is church be edified;

    Exodus 3:2 (KJV) And the angel of the LORD appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush: and he looked, and, behold, the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed.

    Acts 27:23 (KJV) For there stood by me this night the angel of God, whose I am, and whom I serve,

    No angel outside his word, angel inside of his word. True prophet factors

  17. Before Anwar Sadat was killed I dreamed I was setting at a table looking right in his face. I could see the lines in his face. And we were talking. And he kept saying to me, "keep your eyes on the fig tree". That was in August he was killed in Oct that same year. I told this before it happened.

  18. U are already in God’s game. You may don’t feel comfortable on what ur experiencing even worry about it but the hand 🖐 of God is over you to strengthen you ! So don’t be worry even when things are familiar but unusual cuz the hand of God is over your mind to guide you beyond your expectations. ( that’s your dream interpretation. there are keys 🔑 in ur dream that reveals ur prophetic position .)

  19. My interpretation: You said that you were NOT an athlete but you WERE preparing for this game anyway by getting the rest you felt you needed to play well. You are willing to play the game but feel that you are not capable. Are there any distractions while preparing? You are willing to go in to what you need to do, but do not feel capable. There are many distractions while you try to prepare. There might be so many around you that you feel are far more capable then you (healthy, strong, young athletes) but like Moses, God has chosen you. This is just what I am thinking and feeling. You will know if this is right with you.

  20. A prophetic word came to me around 14 years ago. It was this, "I AM turning my eyes to the Jews. The time of the gentiles have come to a nigh." I did not understand at the time. I am from the ends earth. There are no more people beyond where I am from. The gospel has reached the ends of the earth. It is time for our people to announce to Israel that the gospel has been preached to the ends of the earth. The God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob is our God. Hallelujah!!! Miracles and wonders are taking place at this end of the world in the name of Yeshuah!!!

  21. I got the same prophetic insight regarding the transfer of the worldly wealth to God's people…deliverance from the bondage of debt 🙏 for His purpose ☝️❤ For quite a few years I sensed God was going to deconstruct strongholds in the church…I often made a triangle with my fingers and literally flip it upside down to demonstrate the transition 😁☝️❤ hallelujah for the releasing of the church into the greater glory of God 😍

  22. so enjoyed this revelation on Sid's dream and program, I believe God fills our needs and earthly desires in His own time for His purposes. We have to walk in His word. Sid, thank you.

  23. I love you Sid! I started following you since 5 years ago when I was feeling very vulnerable and sad and not worthy, and I came across a video on YouTube I clicked on it and became more curious about seeking God. I come from a catholic family but to be honest i never felt god in that church. But your videos made want to seek him I wanted to experience him coming in my dreams and one day he almost did. I was falling asleep but I was halfway awake and asleep and as my eyes where closed y can see from far a very bright light getting closer and closer and i immediately became scared cause I knew it was him so I opened my eyes quick and it was gone. I never experienced it again and I know seeking him and doing his works really works he is real. I just wanted to say I love that you are talking about God through social media because most of use don’t like to go to church but with your videos it brings hope! God bless you Sid thank you again for all your educational videos🙏🏼 ❤️

  24. I never understood why my prophecy came in parables when my friends all had theirs straight forward. I felt frustrated because I didn’t understand, now I do, thank you.


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