God wants to give you the very best spouse & soul mate for your life are you willing to wait His time and allow Him to choose even if it takes 25 years?
Do not be afraid to wait for Gods time, because He will really give you the most amazing best partner you could ever dreamed of, who will love & cherish you just the way that you so need and long for. God is the God of the best things which He often leaves to the last!



  1. this is so touching, and….I can feel the love you have for her. What a beautiful description of Gods heart for marriage. my pastor, who is a very strong man of God, waited like 20 years also—-his wife is about 20 years younger than he is, and they complement each other perfectly. i could not imagine a better mate for him.

  2. Praise the Lord!!! I literally cried tears of joy for you because you're testimony us such a witness of Gods faithfulness!!! May the Lord bless you and your ministry as a soon to be husband.


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