Christian singles: this is the single most important thing to make sure you DON’T settle on when it comes to dating. 💛

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“Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many.” | Matthew 20:28



  1. Never heard about waiting. Mom was 14-15 yos & so was i. Took years & becoming a Christian to realize there was another way, the best way, God's way. I've 4 kids (one w/ Jesus by abortion) by 3 dads & 2 failed marriages. Best counsel I'd give younger ladies is the Word: don't be seeking after a spouse, but after your Heavenly Spouse, Jesus. Until one's hearing easily & regularly from the Lord, really, we're not ready for marriage. Even in deciding to marry 1st & 2nd times, I'd already given my life to Christ, but didn't know anything about being Holy Spirit filled & being able to discern His voice & follow His leading which takes a lot of renewing of the mind!

  2. True story:

    I knew this couple.
    She was a kind Christian follower of God. And he was indeed the same. As it appeared. She absolutely refused intimacy before marriage. Long and short of it.
    Things ended very abruptly, & disturbing.

    After their honeymoon her husband left a note one morning. Actually, he left divorce papers. And a note, explaining how since he felt she wasn't…"experienced" enough on a high intimate level, he no longer wishes to be with her.

    Indeed. Revolting. Upsetting. WOW. So, tread lightly when someone assumes to be Christian like. Only to get you in a corner😳😣😠

  3. This is video was so good Kaci! A non-negotiable for me is someone that seeks to give God glory in everything he does. Out of that mere desire to live a life that honours God I think it will show in his heart and decision making.

  4. Fantastic. What I really appreciate about you Kaci is that you deal with the hard stuff in life. You don't coax over it with vague "Christian" quotes and pretend like life is easy. You bring up those hard things and really delve deep into what the Lord through the Bible has to say about them. LOVE IT! 😉

  5. I liked this video. This is good and has sound doctrine.
    One thing to add on your reference to love spouse on the foundation of their love to God, which I think will summarize what you have said.
    In Ephesians,
    Husbands, 👉love your wives, as Christ 👉loved the church and gave himself up for her, (Ephesians 5:25)
    The word love used is ἀγαπάω (👉agapao) which if I am correct means the act of the will for the good of the other (despite how good or bad they are). And it's used for Jesus's love for his bride (Church/Elect/Believers) and this serves as the blueprint for earthly relationship between husband and wife.

    **Emoji not present in the Bible just to be clear

  6. SO GOOD!

    It’s also so wild to me how many church boys justify pushing physical things before marriage. Many of us, (myself included) are guilty of picking out certain rules of God’s word that don’t quite line up with our agendas and twist it around. We may think (in the case of a relationship) that if it’s someone we can SEE ourselves lasting with, then we can cross the line with them and not have to hold off until marriage, but yet it’s wrong. It can be hard to believe that there are still single Godly men out there too, even if there are!

    Some of my non-negotiables are first & foremost men who don’t live a Christian lifestyle, men who like to take full control (because in my opinion, a relationship should consist of equal effort & leadership amomgst man and woman), those who are dishonest or consistently distant, and those who don’t have goals or ambitions in life.

  7. Ok where have you been my whole life! Thank you for the videos that you make. I recently found you and I love watching your videos. I take so much away for each one 🥲🥰

  8. I lost count of the number of times I shouted amen. Since giving my life to Jesus I've noticed how many Christian men are like this. But I stay strong in my choice to wait till marriage even though I am a single mother. My past experience not define me but I stand firm in my future. I feel like the topic of sex won't even come up at all with the right man because he has no interest. No compromising whatsoever.

  9. Wow, this video came at the perfect time. I've been thinking about this topic these past few weeks. Thank you!!! I just get discouraged sometimes because I feel like it's quite hard to find someone who really has a strong relationship with God and doesn't just go to church every Sunday and that's it.

  10. Love you Kaci! Thankyou so much for this much needed message. You are SO RIGHT, This is not an area where people can afford to compromise at all! It will truly only lead to deep pain and destruction. Waiting on God's timing is not always easy but it is well worth it, and when you choose to deny your flesh daily you will see the blessings from that overflowing in your life. God is faithful💖

  11. I'm a widow.i lost my husband in 2020.its been along time since I've dated and my husband and I kept God in the center of our marriage.i met a man at church and we went out several times and he explained what he was looking for.he wanted to sleep with me,be "casual monogamous "🙄.needless to say I RAN FAAAAST

  12. Kaci, I love and appreciate you doing these videos even though you’re married 💍🥰 They’re so helpful & encouraging to me in my season of singleness 🙏🏼 Thank you sister! 💕 I’m actually attending my church’s Single group for the first time this Sunday! I’m so excited to see what the Lord has in store for me & to just be surrounded by other Christ followers who are also walking in their single season, staying pure, & focusing on their relationship with the Lord. I believe there is so much time and opportunity for spiritual growth/maturity during this season! It’s important not to waste it. The Lord is faithful, let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus & seek first the kingdom of God 🙌🏼❤️ AMEN!


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