Family when I watched this video the Lord spoke to me loud and clear. We’ve been talking about the dangers to the children alot lately on this channel.

Act 2:17 makes it clear in these days people will have dreams and visions from the Lord.

The Gospel is 1st Corinthians 15:1-4
John 3:16 is true Love.
Titus 2:13 is our blessed hope.

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  1. I had a different dream but the same interpretation. The girl that you mentioned is around 30 years old and made a big mistake when she did not trust in the Word of God. She lives in spiritual sodom and gomorrah in california. I have tried my best to convince her but now she's gone. Another girl took her place, and this girl is strong in the Word of God.

  2. I feel like I received some interpretation for the dream. The very large woman is the Whore of Babylon mentioned in the book of revelation who works with the antichrist spirit and the false prophet spirit in the book of revelation. These are end-time spirits at work to deceive the masses. I also feel this dream goes beyond being about what the kids are being taught in school but is also about what the world is teaching them.

  3. All 3 of my children are prodigals, and have been lured into new age mysticism, and they think I'm crazy because I warn them about Satan's traps. They were raised following Jesus, but now they are all in love with the world, and are believing Satan's lies about so many things, and they hate me.😭💔🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. the dream is all over the place.but the building Swaying could me a sign of Unstableness.(an earthquake maybe)the giant people could mean someone is more powerful.maybe a fight between Good and evil.the polls in the ground with concret-sounds like they have a strong Foundation.the kids in uniforms,the teachers and the black ops seem to be related.your dream could be a warning of war.whatever the children are now learning has a strong foundation,but it’s not one that is good.i had a dream months ago-people had empty trollies,(shopping carts)and they were waiting at the lights all lined up like cars,there was about 3 lines and as soon as the light went green we all ran and pushed those empty trollies trying to go as fast as Possible to beat the red light.there were no cars.just humans lined up like cars pushing empty was a race

  5. NO ENEMY shall EVER hurt a kid on my watch, nor the Lords!!!!
    all of the enemy WILL go to their abyss and be thrown down as if a millstone was round their neck, they will SHUT their portal with GREAT FORCE and an Angel of the Lord will trample on it till it is no more accesable in Jesus Mighty Name AMEN!!!

  6. Baptism; imo it means a change in mind and heart, change your thinking and that influences how you act which is based on what is in your heart which ultimately changes your life…
    Flood in genesis 6 aka "waters of judgement" (God destroyed the sinful world the world that then was) but saves one man noah who had faith in God, in judgement he saves his people.
    Noah sends out a dove bird (representing holy spirit) to look for new dry ground upon which a new world was to be made after the flood on which his people walked, representative of new creation…

    Exodus, pharo kills the young in Egypt (think of the recent abortion issues) a woman who refused his decree creates an tavour (representative of an arch in genesis) and puts a baby boy(moses) in it to save him by putting it in the river, it also previews israel's saving when they are chased by pharo through the red sea which was split when moses "lifted his staff" to "split it" (I'm thinking of cane and abel here representing gods people and satan's seed and the enmity between them which explains why there's so much war and death on the earth in our collective history) , pharo chased them through the sees and died by the waters.
    his (the hebrews/isreal) people was saved by passing through the waters of death..(Jesus the mediator)..🤔

    Jonah abohred to preach so from God he runs away, on a boat(think of the flood) which was in the midst of a storm on the "seas" the men on the boat are saved because they throw him overboard, swallowed by a fish which he describes as death(sheol)
    He is spat up again because the fish is pregananaant 😂 ( a lil internet joke look it up, it's also a mocking spirit if you think about it because it's the "net" Jesus also talks of being fishers of men and to "spread your nets" it's something to think about which actually points to the times we are in 🤔)
    jona means dove and after 3days he is spat up[because the "fish" is pregnant and it's gender has changed] now seriously think about the recent transgender stuff that happened and the fact that Jesus rose after 3 days from death, and the place where he was burried had alot of old kings "bones"/tombs/graves🤔👀…it's all biblical and it all is pointing to the end times we are in.

    Anyway , what's up with Jesus "sleeping" (representative of death) in the bottom of the ship after which he "awakes" to calm the stormy seas? and his miracle when he walked "on the waters" calling his disciple to come to him on it(the water is representative of death) and saves him and says "oh you of little faith"? 'by grace through faith we are saved, faith without works is dead'

    Because he is the greater noah, moses and jonah who will save his people from the "lake of fire" that is to come (shadrach michael and abendigo preview back in babylon)
    Representatively he was baptized in the jordan river (think of the flood) and him dying on the cross was his baptism of death.
    Jesus born of a virgin.(the flesh cannot see the kingdom of God corinthians15)
    His side being pierced and "water" gushes out.
    The second adam was made a living soul.
    He sent the "helper" holy spirit after his death/birth/baptism (representative of the dove)

    Now Think about the fact that in genesis 1 when Godh430 elohim created the world, his spirit hovered over the waters (that word h4325 references semen) now think about sodom and gomorrah where sexual sin was abundant and God destroyed it with fire (most of internet traffic is porn these days) why would God who is perfect create us in his image and then kill it? It has something to do with genetics hence the seed of cain and seed of abel who are us alive in this day and age. And why does the bible reference the creation of man 2 times in genesis 1:27 and genesis 2:7? And why does he have to destroy the world 2 times and why was Jesus crucified between 2 thieves? Because Jesus is literally the only begotten son of God (EL H410)
    I suspect H430 elohim is different from H410 and the former is lower than the latter. And elohim created something different and God (EL) formed something "Els" out of it.
    Anyway the bible has alot of corresponding themes and is a highly technical book and is meant for those whom it is meant, not everyone on earth will receive eternal life.
    God bless🙏

  7. Pray for a mighty hedge of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH'S KODESH WARRIOR ANGELS to guide and protect the children and keep all evil wicked people away from them. Pray that ALMIGHTY YAHWEH sends the RUAH HA KODESH to guide and protect the children and protect their minds and souls and bodies from the whiles of the devil. Pray that ALMIGHTY YAHWEH ❤️ sends HIS MIGHTY KODESH WARRIOR ANGELS to do battle against the evil ones who harm children.


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