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  1. Also we show our light or darkness on the outside in which we decorate our temples.. all you folks that always wearing black,ask yourself something.. “have I always made my appearance so dark?” Have you always projected blackness? It’s NOT cool looking.. it doesn’t make evil (or anyone)fear you.. why do you project such darkness.. u have to ask.. Im certainly asking ….

  2. Levi ur videos is so powerful through the blood of Jesus christ and ur videos really help me a long way 🙌 God is working through u Levi🔥 the fire of the Holy Ghost is upon u Levi.

  3. Lord God help me to live Holy for u lord 🙌 only u lord God 🙌 be lord over my life 🙌 clean me up where I mess up lord God 🙌 lord God help me to stay right with u lord 😢 cover me with ur Holy blood right now lord God 🙌 amen

  4. Levi I have a ? for U.I asked the so called Minster Paul Begley but I got no Reply. at all.On April 30 of this Year My Sister who is 3 Years older than me.She was Rushed into a Hosptial Into the E.R. And right away they said that she was Dying.Now she was not sick until this time at all.She was in the Hosptial one full Day and Night and then they were Talking about Life Support and that.Now It was not any kind of Accidenct or anything like that No Heart Attack or anything like that.The Next Day they said that they could not do a thing .The Doctors had no Idea what was wrong then in the third Day they Placed her is a Room By herself which is the Room that they Send people who are going to Pass Right away.Now They ask Me if I wanted to Placed her on Life Support or if I did Not want her placed on it.As they were not 100% that she was going to come back.That is the Hardest Choice That I have ever had to make Either Let Her Die on her own or get Better their .If Life Support was Placed on Her she Might have come Back If not she would have Died .Or so they told me.Now the Day that they Placed Her in that Room Alone she was Placed in their at 3:00 PM. Now If was on Life Support she would have lived Longer But I chose No Life Support for her And she Died Six Hours After she was Placed in the Room By Her self Now The Question I have for U is Did I help Kill Her By Not Placing Her on Life Support as I said Above after I told them no Life Support Then they Told me she had a 50% Chance of Living So Did I help Kill My Sister.I 'am not Jehovea Witness or anything like this.I was wouldering What are your thoughts on this.I asked that Money Grabber Paul Begley and he was Even to Rude and a Asshole with not even giving me any kind of Reply.Thank-U John///

  5. Not even Michael faced the Devil an you can get a job are you a guy that hang out a bar then saw the Light i listen to your works you steal from other brother works Sad get a job

  6. Amen, brother! I love your videos. They're so encouraging. Demons used to physically attack me 6-7 years ago after I had fallen from grace. They'd even try to possess me in my sleep. I still struggle with cussing and anger problems. I am married now but I committed adultery once in my heart and told my wife. She forgave me through Jesus, but it still hurts her. I'm ashamed of my anger problems. My wife and I are both converted and live for Jesus, and lately we've been fighting because the Lord showed me some things about her past that she hid from me. But we pray through it together. We feel a dark presence in our apartment most days because we've been cussing when we argue, but through Jesus, I cast them out. Sometimes it takes hours for demons to leave, and I get complaints from my neighbors, (we are even being evicted because of it, since I often have to cast them out after 10:00pm, and I do it loudly), but I will not back down from Satan and his demons! To God be the glory! Please keep us in prayer. My wife's name is Mina Bell, and mine is Christopher Bell. I love you, brother. May grace be with you.

  7. Yes, praying all the time makes us calm and peaceful and makes the devil go away. DEVIL CAN'T LIDTEN PRAY SO HE RUN AWAY, HE'S SCARED WHEN WE ARE PRAYING SO LONG AND HARD, HE GOES AWAY! But, he can back again when we stop some time. We need to pray without stoping in our minds!!!! Let The love of Jesus Christ always be with you, Amen

  8. I have suffered from sleep paralysis for years but the other night was the first time that I actually heard the devil speak to me, he whispered into my ear that I was evil and needed to die because I belonged with him. This scared the shit out of me because just 3 days before I tried to kill myself and failed and that was my first night home from the hospital.

  9. Great teachings. Holy spirit imbued preaching. We desperately need the Holy Spirit to fight satan in this ending world struggle, no, no, no, no struggle. This is a war. An all-out war, no reservation, any sin in us has to be cleansed totally and completely through the Almighty Power of Jesus Christ shown through HIS resurrection, and the Unfathomable Love of Jesus Christ shown through HIS blood shed. In Christ love, Amen!

    Great sharing. Keep up, my lovely brother and my venerable brethen.

    In Christ.

  10. I was also once possess by the evil spirit because of cheated to speak tongues. The horrible spirit got into me. I need to knee down to recite 1 Corinthian 13 x 7, then, The LORD's Prayer in Matthew x 7, then, again 1 Corinthian x 7, then, again The LORD's Prayer x 7 from 11:00 pm until 3:00 am, then, because of the mercy of the LORD, the evil spirit was cast out from me.

    Be very alert about the cunning satan and its evil doings and infliction.

    In Christ love,


  11. They say sleep paralyze. I say spiritual warfare. Had it many many times in past until I was able to cast out the Devil through the power and authority of Christ in my dream state or when awoken. No problems since.

  12. and levi my parents e
    wont allow me to fast anymore and i want to but now i cant pray for me strongly i need gods power to cast out evil. but how can i if i cant fast. but i will pray for hours and hours. and hopfully i receive power.


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