Enjoy and sleep to 1.5 hours of Sleep With God’s Word – Abide Guided Bible Prayer for Deep Sleep: Jesus’ Sleep Prayer From Luke 18.

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❤️ “But his delight is in the law of the LORD, And on his law he meditates day and night.”
— Psalms 1:2


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  1. Thank you Jesus for everything ..
    You helped me when everybody gave up on me but you never gave up on me ..even when I didn't mentioned you ..
    You are so pure …You Alwyas helped me guide me gave me a purpose to live life ..
    Help to deal with my depression selfdoubt loneliness disease ..
    You are great ..No any word ..Amen 💟
    Thank you for the life 💟I'm blessed

  2. Lord Jesus teach my son calyx how to read his very poor in reading ,i know u him & u create him lord.give him wisdom & grace each day.
    What ever blocking on him lord in your touch everything will be ok.i believe & trust u lord that u can make miracles for my son.i surrender to u o lord because we are nothing with out u.
    In jesus name i pray Amen..

  3. I had terrible insomnia for 9 months, the only way I can sleep was through medications. I discovered this sleeping program “Fαntυgα Fαzαm” (Google it) from my medical professional. In only Five weeks of using this sleeping plan, I acquired the best sleep I never ever had. Those who have suffered with sleep problems for many years should look at this. My sleeping habit each night has improved drastically. .

  4. Dear jesus i pray for pray as you rest take time listen to relaxed me now foused on me the lord your son of god sinner fall strong hand have mercy on me jesus used me taxcellend prayer jesus said before god the lord have mercy son of God jesus Christ sinner on me peace your child soul keep promise the lord i asked for more dreams make them real honor him and a sinner on me grace and beautiful one wipe away pure heart and god to face every day his love and calm and peace on thoughts. Your mind reminder have sinner on me. Thoughts wonder i feel spirits come to me see water fall and peace becuase. All evil and cast out demons grand face day ahead go. The world that comes to me thank you for keep safe and. Watch over your child wonderful day this time with i spend with you. Today this night enxuies. Foused on me here and – now god will help those who live in darkness in the fear of death he will guide us into the path that goes toward peace Luke 1: 79 I have lovingly created a path for your life nothing is by accident every twist every turn is a part of my plane don't try to see what is up ahead on your path and don't keep turning around and looking at the past here and now is the only place you can live when you are constantly looking at the past or the future today slips though your fingers half lived don't worry about the test you blew last week don't worry about wheather or not you 'll get invited to that party next week letting go of past and future worries frees you up enjoy the here and now today is the day that is filled with my glorious presence today is the. Day I have filled with blessings today is the day I give you my peace Luke. 12: 25 – 26 i love you so much and thank you for spent time with me worships songs and weekend and weeksdays. Have a goood night rest have dreams and hope and future love dezaray and jungkook

  5. Thank you for putting this video on Utube. My Faith is Greek Orthodox This Pray is a powerful Pray. On Mount Athos There are so many holy monks And They say this Pray 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year .Until they go into that deep sleep. On Utube I saw a holy monk on his Death bed His face was shinning and His eyes was bright and beautiful , as He was dieing He kept saying LORD JESUS CHRIST SON OF GOD HAVE MERCY ON ME A SINNER as He Died His Face was Still shinning.WE AS HUMANS ARE LIVING in The early Times of Birth pains SO WE WHO ARE BELIEVERS WE NEED TO BRING OTHER CLOSER TO OUR KING AND GOD JESUS CHRIST. MAY CHRIST BE WITH ALL OF YOU IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER AND OF THE SON AND OF THE HOLY SPRIT AMEN AND AMEN

  6. Lord Jesus I come before you today to ask for the healing of this troubled and corrupt world.
    Give us the spirit of courage and a strong mind.
    Help us to walk in your ways, and feed in your Holy word, which is our sustenance, guide and sauce of strength.
    Hold us near to you oh Lord and mould us according to your Holy will.

  7. Please pray for me- I seem to have lost my desire to pray and seek God at all and I feel so lost, lazy and overly depressed. I know it's not a good thing but Ive been apathetic because of hopelessness and other reasons I don't know how to explain. Im upset but I dont know how to deal with it. Please help

  8. God is good all the time and God all the time. Very inspiring video. I will make this kind of video soon to inspire others.i hope you will visit my chanel soon

  9. I stopped after 1 min 47 seconds.
    Nowhere in the Bible is a born again Christian called a sinner. I am a saint by the righteousness of Christ. I have sins. But I'm not a sinner anymore..

  10. Guide my life Jesus am tier of mange and control my own life ,please answer my prayers i needs u more than before pure ur favourites on me u never run out of favourites Jesus Christ.

  11. Father, i have sinned and I didn’t know any better. I been lost, but now i have found you. Forgive me father, wash away my sins please father. I repent and i accept you in my heart. Bless my family and those around me.


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