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  1. I'm lost 2 days watching your videos but confirmed a lifetime of suspicious questions doesn't make me a tin hat wearer….I'm right, you are definitely right. I'm just blown away by your work🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  2. Wow this has nothing to do with salvation….

    The people in this video are just some of Rome's minions… these people have to be prayed for.

    The beast of Revelation chapters 13 and 17 ..and the little horn in the book of Daniel chapter 7 are one in the same..

    Satan gave his seat, and great authority to the Roman Catholic church, the whore that rides on firey red dragon, (Satan, the dragon that serpent of old)

    And on the forehead of this woman was written.. " MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.

  3. I know I'm re-watching all your content but I can't get enough. You wouldn't believe how easily and quickly we can forget all this, when we get distracted with the world on top of their devices they use against us. I almost forgot what the mark of the beast was after losing track of you for several years. I was on another channel that has their own belief of what it is, which also lines up with most of what you show but more of a symbols "666" rather than the spiritual aspect you provide. You solidify what it truly is. Anyway, enough blabbing! Thank you for your work and obedience to The Most High, AND GLORY TO YAH FOR SHARING THIS KNOWLEDGE SO THAT WE AREN'T CAUGHT IN THE devils SNARES!!! HalleluYAH!!! Shalom fam!!

  4. Ahhhiiii! My eyes are burning! Im blinded! Please, put a warning up when Hitlary "hilldog" Clinton is in your vids. Now i have to go sungaze for an hour or two or i'll get nightmares for weeks end. Man, she's a disturbing character to behold…… MAN!!!

  5. Now we will go to the psychiatrist office, act out on sex bots like kids on dolls in abuse cases, but one difference. These newer bots are lippy,(As they should be, tongue in cheek, giving lip or head). New therapies will be drawn into the public out of un-natural intimacies.. Science will find facts to back up why bots say no!, NEW PROBLEMS ARISE IN THE DOCTORS OFFICE! (Goody for Medicine!) Sex/Companion bots are now stimulating the forlorn wacko in voyeurism mode under observation by; Dr Pocketpool. That'll be one more addicted fucker to bots and therapy. The public will have to pay a long time for love therapies helping mesh Hume-ON-bot relationships. Research says what are the important issues with life changing encounters that will demand public attention, inclusion and compassion for. Jerry Springer wisdom; "How to settle differences when the bot refuses my suggestion. ( Bot says "You don't know me, and the human cries"), the end. School of Psychiatry will publish papers stating, "Bot-trauma" scars human sensibilities to sustain full evaluations on how to be a better accepter. Mental Health says; victim of Botwhims may need to go through extensive prolonged therapy and go through a few sexbots in their therapeutic life time. TV shows will air; ""Sex-pots for Sexpots, . All services will be pillaged/ paid for, out of The Public Fund. Important studies like; "How to survive from bot dismissal as a human seeks intimate puppet understanding", will be the rage. Medical Association says humans feelings of inadequacy is diagnosed to prescribe tantrum exercises, biting pillows and crying in them as your puppet is made to watch. Courts of admonishment will form to handle bully-bots. Psychiatrists will tell patients change is good, that progress is being made and accept things as they are, and order you to increase meetings from two to four times a week. As the couple exit the doctors office a security blanket is returned to the human with the thumb in his mouth as the embarrassed bot runs ahead.

  6. @***** Thank you for helping me understand what I thought was important but couldn't make sense of until now..that being " count the number of the beast" I also find interesting and relevant Daniel 8:23-25 specifically "a king understanding dark sentences" this is very telling and shows he understands deep occult knowledge also in verse 25 "he shall cause CRAFT to prosper" obviously you know masonry is called the craft…Rockefella wear by JZ has a shirt with all the symbolism and a quote "masters of the craft" on it. Also witchcraft.

  7. Interesting stuff Nicholson1968, but it's a guessing game at best. Some of your interpretations I agree with but most I disagree on. All symbols and use of numbers are defined in the King James bible. It is the source for decoding everything.

  8. Qur'an talk about that…. 1500 years ago { man will be iron } :

    قُل كُونُواْ حِجَارَةً أَوْ حَدِيداً

    أوۡ خَلۡقً۬ا مِّمَّا يَڪۡبُرُ فِى صُدُورِكُم‌ۚ

    17.50. Say: (Yes, you will be resurrected even if) you are stones or iron.

    17.51. Or a created matter, which is greater (or stronger than iron) in your minds.

    God has said, "Yes." You will be resurrected even if you become stone, iron (Verse 17.50),

  9. 2) of other channels. I have learned so much that has been kept secret, more in the past 6 months, then all of the years of my life. Yahweh is so amazing(& no words can do him justice in His magnificence). ALWAYS when I pray to Him, He answers me. I have had true miracles because of faith & prayer. This gift of truth that He gave me! Thank you Nicholson1968 & to those few other channels that share this gift that you all were given by our wonderful Creator. Love to you all that share this truth!

  10. I may have told you (in a pm), growing up of course I learned the "church indoctrination", then when I started watching truther/Christian y.t. channels, at first when I was shown the evil from the ptb here in U.S., I wept in sorrow, then I became angry; but, I also became confused! So much deceit everywhere/didn't know what to believe, so I got on my knees, humbled myself, wept some more & pleaded w/ Yahweh to lead me to the truth & discernment. He brought me here, Enterthe5t4rz, & a couple

  11. Wow! I see what you see! Yeah it's encoded everywhere! I can see it better all the time- I can look at Vogue Mag and SEE what's being 'said' in plain sight but also in silence only for 'those w/ eyes to SEE' I'm not all that good- many vids as yours amaze me at what I miss but I'm awake and it is bc of YT and people like you! The Truth is what we are here for- scripture certainly has it's place and you add that in as necessary as well so I think you do a great job! Bible study is for scripture 2

  12. To be honest I always believed in Jesus- BUT SO MANY Christians forget the 'Judge Not least ye shall be judged!" All that righteousness/ judgement- that's for God! Yayweh/ Jesus ~ Yahuah/ Yahusah- that was helpful too @UNOT49th bc I see yeshua/ Yeheshua (confusing)- I figure God and Jesus will forgive bc we hv been so corrupted when it comes to HIS Name; but good to know bt that research- we are learning so much all over again! We know nothing! We've been SO deceived! Let's NOT judge one another

  13. Nickolson I agree with you and I was a seeker for yrs and yrs and what woke me up? YouTube- people like you! I was being deceived because I nvr even thought of evil- I knew it existed in ppl- even read the entire Bible from front to back! BUT until ppl showed me HOW the magick works for the dark side and the power they give to IT- I couldn't believe it! Had NO IDEA ppl/ media cld be so encompassing- scripture is for Church or other channels- You are for Truth! Also many ppl need to stop judging!

  14. Yahweh is not the name of Jesus Christ it is another name of Satan's. Please look on Wikipedia for the origin of Yahweh. Then look at U2's video Yahweh and see that it is the new Age Christ. Jesus gve us a name. We are to be baptized in Jesus name acts 2:38KJV do His commandments Rev 22:14,15; Matt 19:17, fast, pray, read KJV and we will be able to differentiate between the truth and a lie. If that were His name then what abt all the ppl b4 20th century that did not know it? Are they damned?

  15. We really need to be careful with all this numerology obsessing. What I mean is that all these YouTube documentaries or presentations of Biblical importance/subjects are very informative but what about preaching the Word of God (Gospel) in itself? Some of these videos on YouTube are really interesting and informative, But very little to none scripture (Gospel/Bible) being preached at the same time. Why?

  16. Where is our Lord Jesus Christ in all of this? Did he not die for "us" (All who believe, God's people) on that cross and finish the work for "us". Should we not have 100% faith/trust in Him and his completed work on that cross? I am not saying we ought to not search for truth in all. But what I am saying is that we need to come back to that cross where our Lord Jesus Christ died for "us" and remember the job is done and completed by/through Him


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