The official Awful Records music video of Slug Christ’s “Herron” produced by Purpdogg.

From the album ‘god is under the porch where the dog died’:

Directed and edited by @slug_christ | Shot by @bluntgutsnation
Directed by @FUCKPURP

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  1. I can't sell no hard, cuz I be on the hard
    Pop a Xanny bar and smoke the herron off the foil
    Sippin' on a kukupurp
    I'm about to fall asleep
    So I hit that cocaina to wake me up from the dream
    Got a goop bottle leanin' drivin' back to the house
    It's a few miles away
    Off a road off of Flat Shoals
    I done got the gwalla
    This one be on me
    I'm yearnin', yearnin', yearnin'
    Ain’t no poppers I be slappin' in herron


    [Verse 2]
    I won't let my friends hit no motherfuckin' herron (mothafuckin' that)
    I do it by myself in the motherfuckin' bathroom (by my fuckin' self, self, self, self, swee)
    I can't feel my face anymore huh
    Swipin' at nothin', I feel like I'm takin', I'm takin' off later, I'll see ya
    I wouldn't wanna be ya
    Turnin', yearnin' for the stars
    I'm off the fuckin' herron
    Numb me, numb me, numb me, numb me, numb me medically
    I said that shit once, but I gotta keep sayin' it


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