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  1. Chris! Love TBE! Why didn’t JV attack UAE/D today? UAE was at the front all day. Perfect opportunity for JV. They had the numbers. Maybe they didn’t want to drop Roglic?

  2. Listening to your narration is almost better than watching the race itself.
    I’m so happy you have this channel Chris, it’s truly a lot of fun packed in to a short vid that pumps me up so I can get out the door and get spinning and pretend I’m throwing down with the big boys.

  3. You missed the part where Cataneo after going back to his team car and the breakaway had been trying to save energy, keeping the gap at around 2 minutes, and gives the revving a motorbike signal to the others and they may on increasing the gap again. I was so waiting the break to stay away, but again knucklehead teams helping Van Aert and Pog and pulling them to the finish (I'm getting sick of them doing this, I just don't get it, have they been watching another race?).

    It would be hard enough to beat these two without knucklehead move. I'd love to know how you beat Pog and van Aert on stages like this. I guess you answered it, bigger breakaway groups, but would these even be allowed to form by the bigger teams? Great analysis, keep it coming!!!

  4. Thank you once again for the breakdown of what was going on. I'm still learning so I don't always see the little details. I did take note when the UAE rider was trying to get the front of the peloton organized and on the same page. I didn't know about the strategy of the lead group and how the number of riders can determine a stage win overall. I think I have that right. If not feel free to correct me.

  5. Why are so many teams and riders pulling for UAE and Jumbo? they have the green jersey and the yellow jersey and you put a man on the front to pull them in the last 2km.. really? lets see today which random team does the work for UAE

  6. Fun fact, Taco vd Horn disagreed with everybody and said this isn't the day for him because of how hard the last part is but he still would try something. Did you notice how far Primos was all the time throughout the climb? I wouldn't be surprised if he has some problems today

  7. Don't think it's very sportive to compare WvA and MvdP at the moment. MvdP is clearly out of shape. You did the same in the spring when MvdP was injured. In the end MvdP still has more wins than WvA.

  8. And once again when I put on the stream, it's less than a handful of riders going up the road. I know it's the TdF but I do not believe this field is two times as strong as in the Giro. Those directors of the smaller teams should be putting maximum pressure on the likes of UaE, JV and BE. Or is their goal just to ride out the TdF?

    Matthews should change tactics too, he stood next to no chance and it won't improve as the TdF progresses.

  9. Thanks Chris very interesting analysis. You are quite right that the DS's of the small 3 man breakaway (Lotto Soudal and BV) should have told their riders to come back and then attacks would have restarted with the hope of a bigger breakaway. However it seems that both UAE and JV would only allow a 3 man group and chase every bigger group down.


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