https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enc-kpyZ0H4 RFB 2012
http://motherboard.vice.com/read/annoyed-scientists-publish-study-on-chemtrail-conspiracy-theories motherbaord
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXc0dmCusCE NASA S’COOL
http://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/science-officially-debunks-chemtrails-conspiracy-live-180960139/?no-ist SMITHSONIAN
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  1. Ken caldera, David Keith, Carnegie, Harvard, are big piles of shit. I have 'lost' my phone with all of my best documentation… so I have backed off of my chemtrail activism and pursued other truther avenues. (My heart still hurts when I see them chemming my sky, but I just don't have the means to click and share like I used to)This video popped up on my home page and is one of the best/worst chemtrail vids I have ever seen. 2 days ago there were the strange yellow clouds that don't move AT ALL and the sunset was every color of the rainbow. At any rate… I appreciate all you have done for your viewers and hope you have a great day, RFB. I'm out 😉😉😉

  2. "You can see what the cause is… It's coming from the airplanes…"

    Do you seriously believe that everything you see in that sky came out of aircraft? Don't be stupid. That amount of material couldn't have been carried by 1000 airplanes. What you are looking at there came from moisture already present in the atmosphere. It's just CLOUDS, made of exactly the same stuff as any other clouds.

  3. "Before, they had jet engines that didn't release anything…"

    Wut? No, they didn't. Jet engines have ALWAYS released combustion byproducts in their exhaust. Aircraft engines have ALWAYS produced contrails whenever atmospheric conditions were right for it. Newer jet engine are MORE likely to produce contrails dues to cooler exhaust temperatures. What you are seeing is ICE CRYSTALS. That's what contrails are made of.

  4. One doesn't know where to start to correct all the misconceptions Richie has. How about that skywriting trails are not made of the same thing as contrails?

  5. What?? Debunked?? Now I know I am in a different world…The "Chemtrails" are chemicals sprayed down on us…killing off..depopulation…These are the same idiots who are hiding the "Giant Bones" to keep hidden from the public…so yea..they are part of the secret society and now most of us are convinced they are trying to use mind control to say the planes are just barreling out comtrails instead…good grief..what next?
    The "truthers" are on to their games in this world…comes down to the Powers that be in Norway…aka..the "Red Cross" who control the banking system…you know what? They want to become "gods"…lmao…
    Let them have this world if they want it…it will be in complete ruins by the time their done with their agenda. Everyone wants off of this planet anyway…I for one want to go "Home"…this "devils playground" is getting to rough now. Adieu ……

  6. wait until they turn those Chemtrails as black as coal these new Chemtrails are black to block out the Sun to cause a global cooling wait until you start seeing those that's when you should freak freak out understand with this martial law is all about

  7. The earth is warming up. Each year there is a new global record of tempertures worldwide, meaning the tempartatures World wide messeared ad up and it's higher each year. This is caused because of the ongoing use of fossile energy. This fossile energy is financialy very important for our leaders. The whole structure of power is built around it: powerfull people in the oilindustry go into politics and powerfull p'olitians make careers after their political job.
    Much effort Goes into Keeping this cycle going on.
    Geo-engineering with freak-based-science come up with 'solutions' like blocking solarradiation to stop the warming up of the planet with spray distributed from planes. Let's never forget that this is not about preserving the planet, but all about Keeping their income flow intact.
    Our choice is to think of stop using fossile energy.
    Not everybody has the opportunity to put up Solarpanels on their roofs, but in starting to use more and more sustainable energy lies our solution.

  8. Science Officially Debunks Chemtrails, But the Conspiracy Will Likely Live On.

    By Jason Daley
    August 22, 2016

    Paragraph 4:

    In the study, published in the journal Environmental Research Letters, the scientists were asked if they had ever uncovered possible evidence of a government chemtrail program in their research. Of the 77 scientists, 76 said no.

    They may want to refer to this Document:


    76 out of the 77 scientists may want to read the first paragraph in that document, from the US Department of Commerce National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (QC944.H877) 1971.

    Or they could just refer to the research material cited in that document.

  9. A garden's zucchini plants healthy one day two days later wilted partially completely gone the few remaining leaves have some kind of white substance on the stalks and remaining leaves, same with the winter squash leaves and an apple tree leaves dried up with white substance on and white substance on the tree trunk, sweet potato leaves ruined also, gloomy grey sky for days, pink colored sky looked like a chemical sky.

  10. I've watched the exact same thing happening in the skys where I live. They make their lines in the sky, parallel lines and criss crossing patterns, gigantic x's … which all gradually spread out and join together to form a blanket covering. There is no dissipation, it only spreads out and hangs in the sky. If the "Carnage scientists" are correct then it would appear that we have a whole lot of commercial airliners that stray off, course creating some very interesting accidental patterns in the sky. 😜 And only a crazy "conspiracy theorist" would believe otherwise. 😄

  11. With all the solvable troubles in our World that can be solved by voting DEMOCRATS OUT, we are preoccupied in our unemployed stupor trying to blame commercial airlines with Crop dusting people. VOTE a democrat out today so we can regain our sanity!

  12. Thank you maybe my husband will listen to this report since you are from Boston as we r also. Been trying to tell him something Huge is coming soon but he just thinks im mentally ill! Lol

  13. how can they possibly Debunk chemtrails? …are they-the elite assuming that WERE ALL ASLEEP? …cause I'm awake 😊. I know what they're up to. And, i will tell everything i know till the day i die!

  14. Someone is spreading a Twitter rumour that you are dead. I'm so glad you aren't. Just thought I'd let you know. I'm sure it was just a dig at me for being a 'conspiracy theorist', but the person said you'd been murdered. He/she knew I'm a fan of yours. Just put it in their search engine; you'll find it. The twit is a weirdo. xx

  15. Yep – GeoEngineering to control the weather… Rothchilds iqn the Weather Network – I watched A clip
    where David Rothchild Openly Brags about it – Want Rain, You'll have to pay for it… Want The Floods to End? – You'll have to pay for it…. Also, if you look at The Weather Statistics Behind The Rapid Collapsing Of Countries over the Past couple Of Decades, they all have one thing in common… The people were weakened by Severe Drought or Flooding Prior to Invasion… Cut off food and water, Throw in A bit of Disease and "Presto"… Easy Peasy Invasion…

  16. Note….early 2014…Obama shows up in boston out of nowhere for oneday
    For a fundraiser???!!….the very next day
    I notice over boston spraying constanly
    And consistently…ALSO. The flight path has been changed over logan
    Airport..altitude has been lowered significantly….


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