Oh my, people are really truly taking sides on a made up tupac vs Biggie type feud but in real life. Wow, jump on in, the KOOL AIDs fine.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tM5oz97a78M Snoop Trump rd 1
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  1. Snoop supports Margaret Sanger . via Hilary. the white supremacist that called for the genocide of American blacks. bow wow wow yippee… huh, oh no, very sad. they'll both have to move to Cuba with PAC when the puppet show is over. better ass somebody

  2. white people really in they feelings I think cuz they didn't do it to Obama first but u gotta think the president is beefing wit a rapper on Twitter….think about dat shit

  3. chuck berry did soo much to bring the races together…..while snoop did the exact opposite, that nephew of his is just a filthy thug. thanks snoop and your little minon

  4. Wasn't Trump and Snoop pals not too long ago? I can see the Kayne-like photo ops with Trump and Snoop giving either other big bro hugs…Snoop saying something like "like Trump's my homie from way back" and Trump uttering nonsense like "I got nothing but love for this man". Hilarious that people are getting so upset about something so obviously stage.

  5. This is silly, if none of this is real, why is MSM trying SO hard to discredit Trump?
    Why are So many Dems calling for impeachment?
    Why were Steve Hastings, Breitbart, Seth Rich and many others murdered?

  6. So Snoop dog does the same as Marilyn Manson. Weird. I actually thought this was going to happen when his new album say10 should come out on valentines day. He also made a song called valentines day singing we will remember it as valentines day. I wonder if he is waiting to release his album til trump gets murdered.

  7. They are trying to make us turn on each other , so their clean up will be oh so much better!!
    WTF we will have a race war in the next little while, In the mean time better know who your REAL friends are, and I'd call you a FRIEND…aka. jbz Warren G. ….. Peace Brother, & Shalom

  8. You are partially correct Ritchie. True or false, what is presented in the media does have a very real effect on people's psychological wellbeing. That is the magic that they cast/project to the masses. Just like Disney movies show traumatic scenes to emotionally upset little innocent children. Well day in day out people are being exposed to spiritual rot that makes us feel bad around 90% of the time, the other 10% goodish news keeps us coming back. Why else would we all be on the alert except for the scraps of good news. Imagine if everyone unplugged from their computerized jail cell and look around at all the gifts God has provided us. People's spiritual calm and happiness would become a lot greater and tptb do not want humanity content and happy because we won't have our knee jerk reactions as often and they won't be able to get away with their baloney that keeps us down. Lots of love to you and yours and always hold God dear in your heart and mind. I don't care if people think I'm crazy, I know I'm right, it resonates as true in my heart. Peace be with you!

  9. ANYONE threatening violence towards any president has got to be guilty of something !!!! Total abuse of freedom of speech. I feel snoop-dog is way out of line. 👎

  10. It's all just a show / The Circus (Also known as The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth) is a 2016 television documentary series following the 2016 presidential race[1][2] and the Trump administration. It is produced by Showtime and Bloomberg Politics

  11. What this BLACK dude did, he needs to be arrested. NOW! I M-E-A-N IT. Obama had eight years to run this country into the toilet. The blacks became more and more offensive, destructive, and outright criminal while whitie just stood down. I will not put up with this any longer. I do not give a damn who's in the house. I see what you are sayin. And, sometimes I just do not agree with you.

  12. It is the way it is because of the value we place on illusions. More people think these illusions are real and it's obvious to me people like it. If we didn't like it so much we would change it. "They" are way more united and we have bought every little bit of BS they were selling. Stop fueling the fire. Stop helping them spread their illusion of fear. DOnald trump and SNoop Dog are both fictional characters, much like the money in your bank and the power we give authority.

  13. Bad press is good press to those in the industry. Look to see what Bow Wow is pushing, and that's most likely his motive, just as Snoop Dogg was losing momentum, so he does this to put him at the top of the press pages. Trust me, he will make millions over this situation.


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