The enemy is tampering with the temple of God-Humanity, the days of Noah returning to wipe out those corrupting his creation once again. Most will think cloning is just silly and science fiction..but its
just the beginning of Satan trying to set himself up in the Holy Place..The Temple of God.
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  1. Can I ask you, do we just come to be reborn over and over? Its been the thing thats terrified me more than dying. Its been miserable here for so many and I understand its the ruler of air thats caused the hunger, cruelty of the masses. Im old and having to start all over learning the bible. I believe in the creatir of all always. But the last 8yrs had broken me to see more. I dont want to come back to a world like this.Does that make me evil. Irredeamable? Most dont answer questions and I understand. Your videos scare me so badly. You do beautiful, compelling videos. They are beautiful and scary. Blessings

  2. Hello…Ive been looking for more of this and by the Grace of The Lord, I have found my answers. Thank you for your time and effort, You shall be justly rewarded my friend. In the Name the of the most high, may your journey be blessed as far as the eyes can 👀. AMEN

  3. I absolutely love all of your work thank you so much for serving the Lord He truly works incredible miracles through your eyes! Thank you for revealing the plans of the enemy to the world! May the Lord Bless you and keep you always!

  4. I'm not understanding the look a likes. People can look very similar. What are you trying to say. Some were close in age others not so close in even time. . Satans powers are limited until he actually takes the throne and he needs permission for all he does. Look at the restrictions in Job

  5. I deal with this every weekday, and I'm not taking about copy machines. The fakes don't eat much, don't flirt, don't get very angry. The fakes are calm, emotionless, and no fun

  6. Just saw this older video of yours Nicholson – are you saying cloning is older than we think? Mirror image – one real, one copy? – soul and soulless? – free willed, mindless? and this was illustrated in the end of this video? That is a lot to take in – but I see it and that explains a lot. How do we know? or can we know? which is which … ?

  7. I ask you Lord to awaken the sleepy, bring light to the dark, clarity to the confused, a clear path to the mislead and strength the broken Lord. With so much information lies and deceit who shall we believe? Who should we trust? Trust in Love the father and turn inward.. God lives in you. Brothers N Sisters don't be confused and do not be afraid WE ARE GOD'S CREATION WE MUST NOT DENY HIM.

  8. From the way I understand it, the original Brittany Spears and Justin Timberlake, are both deseased…what we see now are their clones!!! I feel as if we are living in a Nightmare, but I know for a fact that it is real!!!! You would think that the clone would feel pain too!

  9. I bet you almost anything that we have clones of ourselves running around Earth..for the simple fact they take blood from us the day we are born and afterwards!!! These people are beyond sick and depraved!!! God bless you Nicholson and thank you!!!!

  10. Everybody is not destined to reign with Christ. That's a lie from the Pit and that's NOT what the Bible says at all. Isaiah 14:1-4/Rev. 13:9-10 say differently. Those saved and sealed are true Israel (Rev. 7:3-8). Those claiming to be Jews are NOT (Rev. 2:9/3:9). True Israel is still in captivity and Deut. 28:15-68 reveals the condition of the true Israelites for those with eyes to see and ears to hear..

  11. twins protect the holy grail …knights Templar …eternal life …secrets pertaining to the kingdom of God …clones …double…twins..towers …power…horns … Hollywood…freemasons …twins … revelation 11 …two witnesses…that's all you get

  12. The “elite" are cunning, smart and malicious…this cannot be debated. So why the fuck (sorry for my language) would they “choose” celebrities who appeal to the less intelligent of people? People so uncertain of oneself they look to shallow celebrities for guidance. When the incredibly intelligent, independent, honest free thinkers are dancing in thongs…then i’ll be worried.

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