Home End Times Videos Something PROPHETIC is happening is CALIFORNIA… “Climate Change” & Sunday Law

Something PROPHETIC is happening is CALIFORNIA… “Climate Change” & Sunday Law


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  1. Years ago I had a dreamed, about California and i saw lots off men was killing each other’s. And lots off fires it was the almost wicked things I ever seen. For years I been asking God to stopped showing me these things. I couldn’t handles all the dreams God was showing to me. And asked him to stopped, it was too much to took. As a person, this world going to burn with 🔥 soon because all the wickedness men as done to it. They are refusing to change they ways. Now God as enough. Jesus is coming soon this is the truth.

  2. People must stop talking about the day of worship no day is special in the beginning was there any religions or was it made by men. Every day must be kept holy you cannot send people to go and destroy other people's land, scatter them, deprive them of the rightsand kill them we expect to live safely in our land. Leave that bible there is nothing like church. Have you the seal of your GOD in your forehead? Rest or no rest we are the church and temple keep it clean and stop talking what others are talking.

  3. Hey There, just finished watching a vid by Wes Truther entitled "Dew & The NWO Are Going To Get You-You Don't Think So? He's trying to warn people that they need to start fighting back against our government before we are all burned out of our houses!!! Spread The Word! Shalom!!

  4. When catastrophe happen to someone you say they broke one of Gods laws. But when something like this happens to you or your loved ones you want understanding. You can't have it both ways people.

  5. Why should a loving God burn innocent people out of their homes?

    You claim to represent Moses and Yeshua. Does the ten commandments threaten people?

    You mention the Papacy but you never mention the Synagogue of Satan. Do you work for Zionist or conservative Christian who support Israel?

  6. It’s DEWS that are doing this damage, this is genocide by our government and other Kabal players. Search: tavistock institute, agenda 21, freemasonry, 911, sandy hook, Rothschild, holocaust, moon landing. If u notice these searches and these searches only have a little info box under certain vids with keywords, they know we know. Keep spreading the truth!!!

  7. Climate Change is a bargaining chip. Consider that it's real and that geoengineering can speed it up or cause a natural disaster in a certain area. They can do something like this (more forest fires are a DIRECT result of climate change) and BLAME IT on climate change. Then everyone is busy arguing about the cause. If it were rail-related, why would they burn the homes of Hollywood stars in Malibu?

  8. God words will be fulfilled.ppl sitting up thinking it's not Bible prophecies but California had to pay the maximum price for their sins and for the people that did survive this you all better repent and obey his laws,statues,and commandments,and come out of worldly things and I'm talking about all my Israelites brothers and sisters.God doesn't care about what the other races.He only love his lost sheep's of Israel.He was crucified and shedded his blood for only one nation of people and this nation is the 12 tribes of ISRAELITES.and he is returning back to save his chosen ppl.and no other.the whole world will witness all of this.ppl don't want to except this but it's the truth.

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