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  1. I never believed any of this until lately when I went to a KISS concert and heard Paul Stanley proclaim that the concert we were at was in his eyes his Chuch. I WAS SHOCKRD
    and then realized that you are right. It is so sad to realize how much we have all been lied to.

  2. I Love your feed… however I sense a bit of malace for the American way… NOW you know JAH said vengeance is mine…I shall repay
    So let us be careful of how we roll okay. So far you are doing OKAY ❤️😊

  3. If Madonna is uttering a message through music which warns people of what lies ahead, why does this make her evil? Unlike some of the other stars who encourage people, fans to worship them, Madonna tells and shows what lurks beyond. Or is she part of the whole conspiracy that dictates that the evil first announce his intention, a warning shot if you will, and then proceeds to carry out the very evil of which he warned?

  4. Dear brother in Christ, please do a video about Frozen II. There is a WHITE WITCH in that movie and so so soooooo much more the Holy Spirit showed me! There’s a song where Elsa is LITERALLY calling spirits to herself, they are making catchy songs in that movie for children to sing and they LITERALLY are summoning DEMONIC SPIRITS to themselves! They show giants in the movie as well and of course in the end they join the ‘magic’ kingdom with the regular human kingdom/taking the mark demonic possession joining of man and demon!!! So wicked!

  5. God bless you sir. You are right, but….IF people are praying for Madonna, she may still get saved because GOD doesn't want anyone to perish. Madonna will have the opportunity to accept the LORD Jesus Christ until she dies. Hopefully she won't wait until it's too late.


  6. Wow! You just taught why people say yolo you only live one. I always heard people saying it and thought these crazy people Babbeling none sense. Gosh I’m getting so old … I feel it …. but I just want to say bless you bother!

  7. Some would read the lyrics "let your light shine (yeah, yeah)" and think that Madonna is talking about the same Light that true Christians and the Bible refer to as being Jesus Christ. They also think that her stage name (Madonna) has to do with Mary the mother of Jesus. There's three very significant errors in this kind of thinking. 1) Madonna has made it abundantly clear that she despises Jesus Christ, Christians, and Christianity. Jesus, and all of those whom truly follow Jesus, are her arch enemies. 2) Even if the title "Madonna" was referring to Mary, the mother of Jesus, we as Christians have no business worshipping or adoring Mary. She was chosen by God to bear His son, and this was because she was highly favored. Meaning, she obviously loved and served God. She was also of the lineage of David (this was very important). In addition, Mary was never called The Madonna. This is a Catholic title that actually came from Semiramus, a queen who was considered a goddess. Other pagan religions also worshipped The Madonna; the same deity… It is a pagan title. It never was a Christian title for Mary, whom was the physical mother of Jesus. 3) The light that they're referring to in this song, isn't the "Light, that shines in the darkness" who is Christ. The Light is a metaphor for Jesus; whom is the Light the Bible refers to. The light in the lyrics of this video, is the illumination of the mind by Satan, through the "third eye" or All Seeing Eye. Bottom line… Madonna absolutely is not a Christian and never was. Even though some say she was a Catholic at one time, she still would not have been a Christian. Catholicism is paganism, that's claiming to be Christian by professing faith in Jesus Christ. While it's true that many Catholics do love Jesus, and honestly believe they are properly worshipping him, they don't understand that much of their worship is paganism in origin. Christians are not to venerate anyone but Jesus Christ, and neither are they to bow down and prayer to statues that representing saints. We pray only to God, never saints. Without understanding it, they are bowing down to idols. Christians also never practice the "Sacrifice of the Mass" which is The Eucharist. Catholics inadvertently keep Jesus dead on the cross. Christianity is not just about his death, it is also about his resurrection! This is our redemption.

  8. Madonna has spued evil from the beginning of her career. Unfortunately she is taking millions to hell with her unless they get saved an away from tht evil. The devil has used his Wiles with the young through music sexual movies an now the public school system. Shame on the govt who allows LGBTQ teaching in schools how to use a condom at 11 drags reading in public libraries an on an on but your not allowed to tell them about God an Jesus yet they have them bowing in reverence to Allah in some public schools an teach tht crap as diversity. I will never accept Islamic religion their bottom line is kill Al Christian's. It's sick an our govt (an I don't care who's president) allows this evil. Well they will stand before a Holy God one day an receive their rewards which is hell if they don't get saved. Allah is dead he can't help

  9. Love how she is a messenger for evil. Yet they never gave her the knowledge to know what happens to the souls when we are finally set free. Her demons will not rule over us ever again


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