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  1. Lord i pray that b4 u come u let me make my dream.come true of becoming a father and finding that wife u made for me lord ur will comes first father this i khow but i khow ur a just God father in jesus name glorry to u my hoky father i khow im not perfrct and i dont try to be lord but i hope u khow that ive never denied u and i never will ur the savior amen

  2. Things have to drastically change for the Bible to fulfill itself, but that is EXACTLY what is going on…Watch and pray, said Jesus Christ. Those of us that love and belong to Jesus will not be deceived or caught unaware. We need to tell others and we all need to repent. Time is at hand. Or one may be called home to Jesus through DEATH! We must be prepared NO MATTER WHAT…..

  3. Look at GOCC–flee the daughter of babylon the Elders wear a fair mitre on there head the top is open because they honor Christ as Savior and Lord. look it up fair mitre its in scripture

  4. What's also sick, twisted, deliberately propagandized – demonic – is, Trump speaks of ISIS as if its some outlandishly dangerous enemy, as if so many Americans are still unaware Israel does support, maintain and finance ISIS terrorists and their deliberate murder of innocent people for profit.

    Israel secretly medically treats ISIS fighters in Israel! Don't believe that??? Ask yourself why, of all the nations ISIS has attacked everywhere else, why not ever, Israel???

    People trust Trump with their lives yet he too supports a nation – Israel – who all willy nilly uses American soldiers to fight their deliberately created wars, intent on "world rule", directly in contradiction to the rule of Christ!

    Even if persons have no belief in Christ or Christianity or a Most High God, factually Trump assures billions in American $$$ finances for Israel, Israel does indeed use parts of those funds to $$$ finance ISIS.

    Trump's U.S. –> Israel –> ISIS –> Israeli Secret Intelligence Service –> terrorizer of nations!

  5. Greetings brother, that music, is it necessary ? That music doesn't glorify God. It's time for me to unsubscribe. Your capable of delivering your messages without the creepy worldly music. In love, several of us mentioned this to you. Be blessed brother .

  6. Smoke weed every day. Allows me to be grateful and stress free. Blessed are those who do not judge. Everyone has his or hers life to live. Thank God we are all saved through grace. Remember, even Jesus loved his enemies, especially for Satan.

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