In this video we cover how to setup a new XG Firewall out of the box.

There are five key sections to this video:
1. Creating a Sophos ID (0:30)
2. Startup and Registration (2:00)
3. Setup Wizard (6:50)
4. Confirming it’s Operational (10:50)
5. Verifying & Synchronizing Licensing (12:20)

Get the Sophos XG Firewall Quick Start Guide and more at

This video has been updated for v16.5



  1. OK … this turns a computer into a router … cool will have to wait for now … looking to build a new computer … this fire-wall will be great to put on the old computer … etc.

  2. This video tells you what you need to know to the thing running, but I need help setting up my network. I have a lot of network experience, and I cannot fathom why Sophos decided to reinvent the wheel. I need someone to translate their terminology for me, and the 888 support number is not getting me to that person. I need help!

  3. I did not see a PPOE connection option in the basic set-up, it was only shown after the router is connected and registered. Can i not start with a PPOE connection for the WAN port during the basic set-up?


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