A personal exploration of Faith, Music, Truth and “rebelling against rebellion”….



  1. I'm with you on the music thing. My mom listened to pop and rock in the home as i was growing up in the 60s and 70s. Hard rock and metal was my music in the 80s but was getting burnt on the ballads and was so glad grunge hit the scene in the 90s. Really loved that stuff. I guess I just love hard driving music of whatever era i live in. I got a lifetime Sirius Satellite subscription so that I could listen to their Octane channel and follow the latest hard rock. But, I know that rebellion is at its core. As a missionary working in various places around the world I find that when I am in the thick of my work I loose intrest in the rock music. Its when I come back home to Southern California that I start listening to it again. I'm definitely conflicted. Its kinda like a drug.

  2. I still really enjoy certain bands even now after discovering the truth about God and the satanic music industry ect. If I had to pick an album to be theme music for my life even to this day, as far as just the music, the instrumentals,, it would have to be Colors by Between The Buried And Me. The Great Misdirect album by them is also very meaningful to me musically. After that they started releasing a lot of New Age Science themed albums which I never even got into. Theres a lot of music I listened to for rebellious reasons as a teen and early 20s, and having been mostly raised by the world amd having little to no Bible in me,,, it actually did lead me down a bad path. The symbols I would research,and it took a while for me to honestly admit, but it was all rebelling against God, and Google search results would some pretty positive things to say about the symbols, although back then i doubt i would have clicked on an article with a biblical world view, the worst of it didnt seem so bad, just anti-God, which didnt really bother me having no Biblical foundation. Even alot of the electronic music I listened to later on. I mean they have a genre called Trap, which is like the beats to rap songs murged with trippy EDM, all came out when Hannag Montana became Miley Cyrus…. And like youre saying when You study the occult and then study how a certain genre came about, it all kinds melts together. Anyways. I believe you can listen to whatever music you enjoy, although I wouldnt share music with people if its innappropriate , even though Ill listen to it alone as long as you have discernment and Jesus is Lord of your life, as long as you dont make an idol out of it… As I certainly did before. I was the biggest metalhead. Played guitar since I was 9 and can tune it by ear. Just the skill involved, I recognize it immediately. Theres a band called The Faceless who talk about aliens in their album Planetary Duality and then in the next one called Autotheism, which they state thay the true god is knowledge….its all so anti-christ and new age, and yet the instrumentals are some of the most incredible ive ever heard and it makes you think. Anyhow Im sure I speak for quite a few people when I say Id love to sit down with you and have a conversation. Im sure itd be so very profitable. Sorry for the book. I feel so strongly about this topic of music in particular. It was definitley the biggest influence in my life for most of my life. Even when I found the truth of God and his word, or rather He found me, I had to find new music that I could enjoy which glorifies God. I found Destiny lab to be the most profitable to me spiritually, but quenching my thirst for melody and instrumental talent definitely involves some Christian metal bands like Demon Hunter and Living Sacrifice. One of my favorite albums now is by a Christian metal band called Syringe, Former Life Departure. Im not sure it makes sense, a Christian death metal band?? Haha but they are very talented and I really enjoy that album. Anyways. Sorry again for the book im writing, dont know if you enjoy reading youtube comments or not. God bless you brother.

  3. Rebellion in itself is not bad. But what are you rebelling against. Who are you rebelling against? That's the real question. Are you rebelling against truth or falsehood? Are you rebelling against The ALMIGHTY? Or against Lucifer?

  4. Man music was so a part of my young life. Maralyn manson, tool, perfect circle, king diamond, slayer, type o negative. Though I find I don't get the same out of it. In fact I find it bothersome. Things rise up that need immeidiate addressing, slapping down even. It scary that evil thing that used to ride me like a donkey. Is still within earshot.

  5. Why do theologians scholars preachers and teachers avoid teaching and preaching the words of Christ? Is it because they're afraid to look at him objectively, who he was and his impact on his culture and society at that time. Are they afraid to make the observation and conclude the Jesus was a rebel, he bucked authority, he left his parents to teach in the synagogues as a little boy. He turned the water into wine; we can't even drink wine in communion now for fear of offending recovering alcoholics. He broke bread with sinners and drank and ate with them. He overturndmed the money changing tables in the temple. He challenged the teaching, character and integrity of the most revered religious leaders of his people. He ridiculed and challenged them publicly for their hypocrisy, dishonesty and lack of integrity. Jesus Christ was a rebel because he came to turn the world upside down. We all must be rebels! We must be prepared and ready at any moment to rebel against the traditions, false teachings and anti-christian ideas and people who would keep us from the knowledge of the kingdom of God!

  6. General observations about music in my 60 plus years of living… Music can be used as a tool for good and for evil, depends on the intention not so much of the artist as the producer, the corporate entity out there, putting it out for public consumption, pushing an agenda. indie rock maybe not so much but all the major recording labels seemed only to have evil intent. Of course there's always a rebellious and resentful angst of youth that needs venting and record companies are more than eager to oblige if they think it will make them money. You have to take a more abstract view of music just like you would art and recognize that all creativity whether we acknowledge its source or not is from God, of course many resent the idea that their creativity is divine in nature. I see music as a gift from God that transcends sin and evil in the world. I love 80s music not because of the message but because of its incredible creativity just like I would love walking through a field of wildflowers of different types or an art gallery. I see the hand of God or his Spirit poured out into people's hearts and minds to spark that creativity. What they do with it it's not so much concerning to me, if I see obvious evil messages in their music I'm I might not listen to it. I certainly won't pay money for music that I would consider a crap that is downright vulgar and intentionally offencive which seems to be the case with most rap music these days. It's unfortunate because in the earlier days of rap there were real artists real poets real people who thought real thoughts and had real reflections on life , such as Tupac. Ironic that he should die so young and so conveniently for the record industry. Another comparison might be that with the gift of sex which way too often replaces God in our lives that God nonetheless has not condemned it. With gifts that come from the heavenly father, he has given them context to prevent them from controlling our lives. Work would be another example. Work was not meant to replace God, which is why he called for a day of rest that we might take time to reflect on our lives and our relationship with him. Me listening to 80s music has caused me to ponder the creativity of God and his amazing love toward me and how he speaks through music to me.

  7. If Satan can come as an angel of light then he could also come as an angel of sound! I agree with most of what you put out and certainly enjoy listening to you, but I think you have a ways to go on this subject. Keep praying and seeking the Lord, I’m sure you are. I’m 61 and am not judging you but I think I am just older and wiser! 😇🙏🏻❤️I am praying for you!

  8. The Amish still sing hymns in a slow drawn out way, this happened when they endured heavy persecution and to stop people from making a mockery of the hymns with instruments. I don't know if it is possible to put music to it.

  9. I think I can honestly say I was into music The same way…more from the 60s,70s and 80s when I unplugged..

    It took my spirit away from god…artists that deny God play music that deny god…how can we be so into fe…being a truther following Christ …but live in such a powerful medium as worldly music…it doesent jive…period

    It only a portion of what you hear on you tube Bout the music industry is true…it is a terrible situation…

    Putting satanic spells and curses on records before they are released… the evil lifestyles these production leaders and stars have….

    I know when I quit listening to my old favorites my mind got clear…and whenever I happen to hear them at a store or similar I am very aware of the power they used to have…some much more than others…

    The old police album
    …"nephostophelies is not your name…I know what your up to just the same…"…doe sent take to much imagination to realise there is a lot more goi g on than just a. Rhythm and beat…

    Btw…ethereal is awesome

  10. When you KNOW and are in RELATIONSHIP with the Enduring Divine Song, the Song of songs, all of the music that we delectate in and create ultimately tell the tale of this Saviour, this Person who is called Wonderful Counselor, whose eyes are flames of fire, and is the Creator of all things and sustains them all.

  11. Yer cool mate , have talked about this with
    Brother 21 years older than me. I'm 1969 two months after he got back from Vietnam . I was born he had just watched the moon landing. Lol flat earth I am he wanna be Jehovah witness . Music helps us understand each other as we rip into the truth. But hay here's one Alex Jones loved . Rory Gallagher road to hell. And I'm now likeing team head kick ( need for speed) . Enjoy as music soothes the savage beast.

  12. I relate 100% on point to EVERYTHING you are saying in this! Being a musician myself, music was all I lived for and much of it influenced and suggested my self destructive behavior. No joke, every hair on my body stood straight up during the short compilation of the intros to those songs in the beginning of this video. Since giving my life to Christ I have DETOXED myself of the bands like these that I once idolized and worshiped. There is most definitely a spirit in that music. A toxic and destructive spirit. It caught me off guard, this video should start with a "listener discretion is advised" warning, jk

  13. This is something I struggle with as well. Its the spirit and the ideologies that influence the bands and artists. Even most "Christian" music isnt Godly. Its tough. If it isnt praise to our God or composed to truly honor God its not from him. Im sure you've seen the experiments with sand on speakers… Or words crystallized. "Beat the devils tattoo" This is a rationalization for what you struggle with… I know because ive been there and still slip back to there. Pray about it…. I know you feel the check in your spirit otherwise you wouldnt have made this video. Your self aware and in your heart of hearts you know the truth. Keep making great vidz and pray about this and really seek his answer. You know he'll answer. You might not like it. God Bless. Fight the Good fight.

  14. One of my all time favorite supposed “devil music” diddles, IMO, has more truth than some covert religious songs.

    And that’s just it, in what spirit do we listen? In what spirit is a particular song or melody composed? And are the two locked (spirit of the listening with the spirit intended for the consumption of composition – good or bad?)

    God ‘can’ use the base things of this world to reveal His Glory.

    We ‘can’ worship in spirit and in truth despite the environment we can find ourselves in.

    All Glory to God!

  15. I can't help but think of Swans and bands that have such dark psych sides. For me it puts me in a different place than say, mogwai or whatever. Also, you mentioned there's "no such thing as evil sounds"…and what comes to mind are tribal chants and ceremonial summoning songs that often go along with dance…they can be intrinsically interconnected with certain vibes and effectively catch the attention of evil entities. I agree with most you said, just that there are imo such things as evil sounds. What about some talented yet dark composers like Bernard Herrmann

  16. I appreciate your videos, though I have a very different perspective. I seldom comment on them though. I don't want to judge, but I do want to share something. If I make some generalizations or personal inferences it's not to generalize or make it personal, but only to communicate concepts.

    I wonder who you really are? I mean on one level I know who you are, but do you? Are you your mind? Are you all of your thoughts and ideas? But is that who you were before you ever had all those thoughts and ideas? Are you your personality? Where did your personality come from? How much of your personality is you? In some places the term 'person' is defined as 'a fiction.' Is personality just a facade? A fiction, that has become deeply engrained habit? Are you your body? is there any truth to who you really are? Is the truth changing? Does the truth ever die? Who are you truly?

    Who is Satan? Would you please define Satan for me? It sounds like your definition of Satan is rather vague, like you can't quite tell where God ends and Satan begins. But does God ever end? It sounds like your philosophy is a tangled web, needlessly complicated, and ultimately indecipherable. What about you? Where do you end? What separates you from Satan. Are you certain that you are not Satan? I know that you are not Satan, but do you know? How do you know?

    How do you know that you are not deceiving yourself? You are very eloquent. You have such a way with words. You are quite intelligent and logical too, and you can look at things from many perspectives. So you must understand how easy it is for people like you to fool themselves. To develop logical justifications and find perspectives which suit their egoic programs.

    You are quite self-aware too though, and very introspective, so I would imagine you know that you are very good at self-deception, and often catch yourself. You try to be aware of your own underlying motives, and try to step back and look at other perspectives. You also have some knowledge about psychology and insight about human behavior. This all goes a long ways towards being honest, sincere, and outwardly virtuous. You can to a great extent mitigate unconscious manipulative behavior, self-sabotage, and unproductively blind defensiveness, etc.. You can also undo much of the psychological, emotional, and cultural conditioning which we have all been subjected to. And much programming that can't be easily undone, you can probably at least be aware of it and recognize your own behavior for what it is, even if you can't always easily change it. Some habits can't easily be changed overnight, even though we recognize them. But what of those we don't recognize? You probably know better than most that when we really deceive ourselves, we don't know that we are deceiving ourselves. We can engineer with consummate deftness a million misdirections to keep our right hand from seeing what the left hand is up to. And you are more gifted at deception than most, even if you don't practice it, knowingly…

    I suppose you need not worry too much about self-deception though, because you can trust in God and put your faith in God's wisdom. Pray? But how can God reach you? Where are you? Who are you? What if you are not truly even you? Who is reaching out to God? What if personality is just a fiction? A facade? A mask we show the world? A deception… Oh yes, this personality seems to be a real person, with feelings, emotions, ideas, thoughts, beliefs, which they seem to express with sincerity. This personality speaks from the heart, and seemingly tries to be honest, virtuous, self aware, rational. But what if all of it was picked up and added to a mask that has absorbed so much attention for so long that we believe it to be who we are. A mask we wrote for the world until the mask became so sophisticated that it convinced itself it was not a mask, but a person. But this is not who we were before. This personality is not who we will be in the future. Is the truth not eternal?

    How can you be sure that you are not the devil? How do you know that you have not deceived yourself. If your persona is the deceiver, and your persona is a deception, and it is your persona that believes in God, and puts faith in God, and trusts in God's wisdom and mercy, then who is God going to save? You or your persona, the persona that has faith in God. Is God going to save the deceiving deception of personality, our the true you? If everything you experience and all you learn and know is filtered through your personality, and incorporated into your personality, then how can God reach the true you through your own deceptive personality.

    If persona is the devil, then are your thoughts not the devils thoughts? If persona is Satan then is it not Satan who stands between you and God?

    People judge and judge and judge. Pointing their finger at everything outside themselves. Claiming this be the devil and that be the devil. Claiming this be evil and that be atrocious. Jesus died for your sins in the sense that it was your sins which judged him, condemned him, and killed him. He forgave your sins easily, because they are not the truth, they are the lies of the deceiver, who is pure deception. What is deception? Fiction. Jesus did not die. He rose to show you that the works of the devil are not the truth, but illusion. Who killed him? People did. They weren't devil worshippers. At least not knowingly. They were just people. Personalities. Compiled from a million ideas, gathered and assembled into personalities that called themselves 'me, myself, and I,' they didn't see themselves as evil villains, they saw themselves as themselves. But they knew not what they were doing. They were self-deceived about the nature of self. But he did not die, because lies can not kill the truth, fiction can not trump reality, and flights of fancy are forgivable. But can you forgive them?

    Who are you truly? Where are you truly? Are you the one who is reading these words? Or are you merely aware of your personality reading these words. The truth is simple, timeless, perfect, complete, unassailable and inescapable. The true you peacefully and without fear watches quietly and contentedly as your personality tries desperately to fashion itself into something more than an illusion or die trying. Your personality wants desperately to be you, while the true you wants for nothing.

    Religious texts, like all language, is abstract. Abstraction is never the truth. Abstraction can point towards the truth. But only the true you can actually experience the truth and the true you is not the one who reads and interprets language into thoughts, it is merely aware of the reading, aware of the interpreting and aware of the thoughts. So most religious text simply attempt to break down faith in personality, and point our true being towards a truth which can not be described in words. Most of us are not who we think we are, or even thinking with who really are. Our thoughts form a tangled web, our memories an unsound foundation, which colors all of our perceptions. Yet the truth is beautifully simple, it dispels all illusions, and those who are true dwell in truth forever.

    Is God going to punish people for being deceived by a master deceiver? Send them to hell forever? Or is hell a consequence of deception. The endless suffering of feeling God's perfect will through a filter of deception and twisting it into illusory needs and wants according to egoic ideas about a reality which doesn't really exist. Turning a single perpetual holy impulse for the truth into needs and wants which can never truly satisfy. The endless suffering of believing you are real when the you that you are believing in is really a fiction. A fiction which engineers itself by dragging about an ever increasing weight of memories, desires, needs, fears, judgments, and thought forms. If you are the devil, then the devil has you, and he drags you deeper into hell day after day. The devil is in the details, but can you let the details go. If you are the devil, then until you are willing to turn away from yourself, until you are willing to set everything you know aside, the devil will still have you. You are all wrapped up in yourself, bound by who you are. Until you are willing to stop being a personality, and to stop thinking with the mind of your personality. The person you are is a story you have been telling yourself, but it isn't real. The devil will have you, until you begin to realize that you are not you. I am.

  17. If the light in you be darkness, how great is that darkness? – Jesus……how long will you waver between two opinions? – Isaiah ….. nice piece, Will…may I say what is born of flesh is flesh,but what is born of Spirit is Spirit. Like you, music played a HUGE role in my life…but it was birthed in my rebellion…I HAD TO CHUCK IT ALL AWAY AND START OVER knowing I could not bring new life from something whose root was anti- Christ ( in the true Greek sense of anti).. now I play simple worship songs on my guitar and music flavors the heartfelt overwhelming gratitude of being forgiven and adopted into the Father’s house. Music once led my will..but no more. The fellowship of the Holy Spirit leads me…and teaches me what it is to worship in Spirit and Truth…music being just one aspect of a life of worship. Just as I cannot take a drink of salt water and siphon out the salt to get the life giving water, I couldn’t take in my music and siphon out the death. The new creation needed new worship. Hope that helps. Besides, I have often found the music in your vids a bit distractive given the depth and insight of your thoughts. Ho awesome is Jesus, though, right!?!?

  18. I appreciate hearing yr voice and perspective. Though I don’t share yr faith, it’s valuable and has resonance with me somehow to work it in with what I know, suspect, am, and feel. As an ex-JW for some years, my relationship with GOD etc. has been warped and messed with, as have all of ours in various ways…..

    So about this music thing. I as well have come up with some of these same kinds of relationships, and found myself going into heavier instrumental musics through the free jazz movement, as well as some of these progressive, post-this that & the other whatever rock and a hard place………..and I’m going back it’s crazily striking to see the imagery of the eye and all through ALL seemingly of these music videos and album covers and even the jazz labels where I was surprised to find it everywhere! So I sold/traded most of my collection, cutting emotional ties almost instantly as I saw these things and wondered what they meant in terms of the artists themselves and their sounds that had so impacted me and informed my own growth as a musician……..so do you think that as soon as we see these warning signs we write them off forever and cancel out their creative output? the energy that impacted us for seemingly better?? After having attended a SC3 show and felt for real something in the rhythms and sounds something immensely powerful and relating the experience to a Christian friend, he asked, “how do you know it was good?” A question that has haunted me a bit ever since……

    I notice as well, that in so many pictures where their faces are half shadowed or whatever, none of ‘em look happy, all posturing and affect aside…….

    Much love and all best to all involved)))))

  19. @the Truth is stranger than fiction…
    I'm like you, in that I love music and live a lot of my life to a soundtrack. But "art" is not a thing to worship, nor story telling, any more than music itself. Stories can lie — can make despair and pointlessness seem inevitable, for instance. And the lie is all the worse when the artistry is more skillful. This is why I don't read D.H. Lawrence. He's too good at making me feel like crap. The fact that a song makes you "feel" is too broad a criterion for spiritual health. The Psalms are a good rubric. See how David often starts out with the "complainy" verses, but by the end of a psalm he is praising God. We can do this too. Sometime you have to indulge in that song (or album) that just expresses how you feel in the moment. But before too long you want to turn it to submission to God and then praise.

  20. With all the Psalms, published and even more likely unpublished, I think every tune and beat was invented long ago and is just getting mashed up and replayed in this generation. Nothing new under the sun.

  21. William, have you checked out Sons of Korah? I think they are excellent musicians and all their songs are Psalms from the Bible. They might satisfy your music appetite, while praising the Lord.Thanks you for your honesty, vulnerability and food for thought. After coming to Christ and learning about all the Satanic agenda in our world, I gave up all the music that I grew up with and dearly loved. I feel so free from it now. When I do hear some of this old music in a store, it is now jarring and disturbing to me. Please pray about this brother, ask God for clarity. As with all of God's beautiful creation, He created music, yet Satan has corrupted and twisted it. Demonic energy uses musical chords to alter our consciousness, so they claim parts of our soul. Be ware, brother, and please keep up your thoughtful videos. May the peace of our Lord and Saviour, Christ Jesus be with you!

  22. “… these go to eleven.” Haha. That cracked me up. I love you brother; as per usual, you’ve put a lot of my thoughts into words. I agree with all of this, 110%. As a musician, and a believer, it can be a spiritual battle sometimes — I’ve been pondering this question for years now myself, and trying to find the best way to approach my life-long career, knowing what I know now. Thank you, mate.

  23. An honest exposition of your scale journey…soft, sweet sounds can also delude and destroy and distract in their soft, sweet way. What draws us near to the ineffable and what does not? Grace and law conflict-always. Immanuel Velikovsky wrote some good stuff: Ages in Chaos, Earth in Upheaval, Worlds in Collision which beg the question of creation's ultimate purpose….to consign enemies to eternal pain seems counterproductive but what if that IS the way it IS. Revelation speaks of silence in heaven that lasts "about half an hour" – weighted, to say the least. Suspension of ALL sound, perhaps for some new tonal expression to come in and cancel all precedessors. Well, you started thoughts rolling here…so thank you. When sounds is utterly attuned to eternal praises, that will be the eternal day.

  24. I play the didjeridoo bcause its soothing. But i agree as a child growing up with the same music. I LOVED PUNK. flogging molly- dropkick murphys.. bad religion.. i mean cmon. But i agree and see now. As stated – musics true purpose.


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