CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — SpaceX made history yesterday by launching the world’s fourth electric car into space. This is the world’s largest rocket as well.

Years in the making, the commercial spaceflight has launched its first Falcon Heavy rocket, which as its name implies, is a heavy-lift booster built from a core stage and two of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 recoverable rockets. According to SpaceX, when the Falcon Heavy lifts off, it will be “the most powerful operational rocket in the world by a factor of two.”

Doesn’t this completely sound ridiculous? If anything, it will be the biggest bottle rocket ever launched. They are just testing a military missile folks. Love seeing 90 million tax dollars literally go up in smoke.

The economy is taking a dump, people are starving around the world and we are spending 90 million on this??? A billion year journey through space according to SpaceX or SpaceNot. What about the Van Allen Belt NASA? Carries 119k lbs. 911 backwards? Launchpad 39A = 3 9s or 666 flipped. Research Operation Fishbowl and Operation High-jump.

The sun is 93 million miles away. 3 9s = 666 flipped. The earth is flying through space at 66,600 miles an hour. The earths axis is tilted 66.6 degrees from the plane of the ecliptic – the plane the earth orbits the sun in. Seriously???

Back To The Moon By 2020? NASA & SpaceX Busted!

SpaceX Iridium 4 – Project Blue Beam – Holographic Projection?

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  1. Our children can barely read, write, speak and do basic math. They are anti social and have no sense of pride, respect for self and each other and lack hard work ethics. All forms of entertainment, arts, music and politics are filled with rapists, molesters and abusers who do drugs and practice occult teachings. Our foods are made in plants, our water contaminated, our air poisoned, and medicines make us sick. The news is filled with lies, fear stories and false flag attacks done by our governments. Our society is being turned into a gender confused, selfish, bunch of heathens dependent on people who have enslaved our bodies and minds. It's now coming out they they have deceived the whole earth with the globe, space and are pushing us to become robotic mentally and physically. Looks like the people who warned us in the past were not so crazy after all. Who possibly thinks this is going to get better in this current state? Isn't the only way to fix this is to destroy it and rebuild? Even if you don't follow any religion or believe in a God or creator(s), how can you deny that there is definitely something strange going on right now

  2. The Triune God existed eternally knowing all things…
    Then why do I hear people saying, “no one knows only the Father”
    Acts 17:31 Jesus has appointed a day on which He will judge the world
    (Mathew 24:36)? That’s because it is a parable.

    We should not be surprised of the "Day of the Lord" (1 Th 5:4) because there will be signs in the sun, moon and stars (Luke 21:25).Now the Sixth Seal has a full blood moon and the sky opened (Rev 6:12) that is the rapture. The triune God has existed eternally knowing all things. The Parable of the fig tree and no one knows has a different meaning then what people have been saying.

    The reason for this:

    • Faith comes by hearing the word (Rom 10:17)
    • Prophecy was given so we can believe Jesus is the Christ and have life in His name (John 20:31)
    • When he comes will He find us watching (v37)? If we are not watching and doing what are not supposed to be doing we will get the same portion as the unbelievers (Lk 12:46)
    • He is coming like a thief for the dead church that refuses to watch (Rev 3)

    Part one

    Part two

    So what is the true meaning of the parable of know one know, Only the Father…. take a look.

  3. BS.When Those side rockets took off the color of those side rockets were all white but notice when they land they are black and white.STOP THE GAMES!!

  4. ELON MUSK and The Mother-Ship of Digital Lies!! A REAL MUSK SEE!!

    This footage clearly shows that the camera images broadcast on launch were not true live images, but that they were digitally generated images. The fact that the jets from two separate rocket thrust, used to slow down from well over the speed of sound, are IDENTICAL? in some shots and not in all Is 100% proof of digital manipulation and random generation of the images!! It is a case of just see for yourself here. As regards the motivation to fool the whole world with a huge media day and Bowie hype?? One can only speculate, But speculate we MUSK, because someone is playing big games with our world.
    While publishing this video, just now, I learnt that SpaceX have changed the camera footage of the launch on their web site?? Here is a link to where I got this information. Stay Awake. Eyes Wide Open, It is there 4ALL2C
    The TRUTH about SpaceX Falcon Heavy LIES Coming Down to Earth via @YouTube

  5. Utterly ridiculous, check out the bogus live feed….I feel embarrassed as most people are in awe, and speak as if elon is the second coming of Christ.

  6. Like almost everyone else I was taught in school all sorts of lies such as , space, planets and so much more. But by turning my life strictly to Jesus Christ I know the truth and have been shown and taught by the Holy Spirit so many things. its aggravating to know We all fell for these lies but so amazing that Jesus is revealing so many truths.
    Nasa and all the likes are lies from hell including but not limited to our holidays and history. Come Lord come.

  7. Why would both NASA and SpaceX have dozens of publicly available videos of their own rockets failing?

    Maybe in order to "lower suspicion" they could have one or two failed attempts, but SpaceX literally has a big compilation video on their own channel of failed attempts at landing their rockets. NASA needs public support to function, and all is the same with SpaceX, they would not run the risk of losing people's trust by showing a bunch of faked rocket explosions.

  8. And yet again no Eye witnesses (other than in housed staff …no cellcamera shots…offical cameras sequentially looses feed..always remains tight zoom no wide shots of earth or space…
    # stopthefuckery

  9. John 6:47 "Verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life.' -Jesus. Jesus Christ the Messiah died for the remission of sin, was buried and rose from the dead 3 days later. Simply believe in this and you have everlasting life in heaven.


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