It is all about to come to a head my brothers and sisters! The one world government, economy and religion will be unveiled in a veiled sort of way, not to hit you over the head but to ease you into it! Note the gleefully evil look on the false prophets face and the ear to ear smile on the antichrists face. These 2 are NEVER as happy as when they are together, which they SOON will be for 7 years! Hear their agenda 21 main topics in the work up to this weekend!

*My Belief Statement*
1) I believe In The Triune God Head, God Jesus and the Holy Spirit
2) Salvation Through Jesus Christ Is The ONLY Way To Heaven
3) I believe Christians MUST REPENT Of Post Salvation Sin
4) I believe in immersion Baptism only
5) I believe in Holy Communion
6) I believe all people will spend forever in Heaven or Hell
7) I believe in Conditional Security
8) I believe in the Pre-Tribulation Rapture
9) I believe God Created the Heavens and the earth
10) I believe in ONE God, Jehovah & Jesus Christ His Son (***URGENT WATCH & SHARE***) (***URGENT WATCH & SHARE***)

Pray this prayer sincerely to know your saved
Jesus, I believe you came to earth, I believe you died on the Cross for my sins. I believe you rose again on the 3rd day and went back to Heaven to prepare a place for Your Children To live with You Forever . Please forgive me of my sins. Clean my heart, white as snow. Come live in my heart, make me a child of the King, a new creature in Christ, in your precious Name I ask this…amen.

Do these things after praying the Salvation Prayer:
1) Get a King James Version Bible and read it daily, it will feed your spirit and soul, the way you feed your body with food and water.
2) Pray to Jesus Everyday. He is your Best Friend and He Wants to Talk with you daily.
3) Make sure you find a christian church and get water Baptized, dunked under water, if you have been sprinkle baptized in the past it does NOT count.
4) Pray to be filled with the Holy Spirit, “Sanctified”. You do this by praying, reading the Bible and living for Jesus.
5) take your King James Bible to church. When the preacher speaks, make sure what he says matches your Bible, it not, get up and walk out and find a new church.
6) ***VERY IMPORTANT*** Make SURE you REPENT of EVERY SIN you do now, ask Jesus to forgive you with an honest heart and He will.
***If you would like me to pray with you or for you for ANYTHING, please message me and I will add you to my daily prayer list. May God bless you



  1. It is clear that Obama and Pope Francis are partners in crime and they obviously are up to no good! Their grins do look evil and creepy! Being left behind with them is not what anyone should want!

  2. Read Matther 24:3-14:15 Jesus talked about what would happen from the beginning of sorrows to when the end comes. He said that we will be offered up to persecution and execution. Then he said that he who perseveres to the end shall be saved. At no time did he say that we will be taken out before the persecution. Wake up people the tribulation has begun. The Christian churches in the Middle East are being wiped out. The beheadings are taking place.

  3. Please read your Bible, there will be no pre trib rapture. Jesus did not preach it! This is a Jesuit doctrine to explain how the whore of babylon is Rome. We need tobe spiritually ready to endure the persecution to come. Tribulation does not mean wrath it means persecution. If we do not prepare now we will not be able to stand when the great deception comes. The tribulation is coming, if you are alive you will be here. prepare for it!

  4. there is definitely something going on I moved off of long island in New York some of my prayer brothers sent me pics of like 100 concrete dividers set up at main spots on the south shore mainly stacked up in piles at the main ways where the parkways and only major roads meet that go east to west are the only way out of there is going west and they are in the major populated areas the south shore ends at the Atlantic ocean. the federal reserve bank in NYC closed its doors cause of a major disaster and moved to the antichrists stomping grounds. they are preparing for something huge repent now folks the holy spirit told the one who sent me the pics that these barriers aren't for construction and I believe him the main reason I left there is cause once the bridges and tunnels are closed which is the only way out (unless u own a boat). the Lord showed me that I would be a sitting duck when it goes down. be blessed folks and wake up pray for the lost and for ALL to return to Christ now BEFORE it's too late great messages brother Paul love the new channel and seeing you so calm great messages

  5. What gets me when people said the Antichrist and false prophet are the worldly systems when the KJV bible give in-depth detail of the beast in multiple scriptures being a person, sad part for them is in ‭Revelation‬ ‭19‬:‭20‬ KJV
    "And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone." They won't even see death both be cast "ALIVE"
    And when people think that pope is the Antichrist when he is fulfilling scripture and Characteristics of the false prophet, Obama 100 percent of the Scriptures of the antichrist

  6. Paul ——I went to Catholic school. People have short memories. What did the Vatican do to help the Jews prior to and during WW2, after WW2 they actually helped Nazis escape to South America on phony papers dummied by the Vatican. I don't trust Obama or the Pope.

  7. Amazing! Prophecy is coming to pass right before our eyes! ! ! Dear Abba, have mercy on us! Thank you, brother Paul & may the Lord continue to bless you with His anointed gift of the Word of Know! ! ! 🙂

  8. FrankenPope is for sure EVIL, and teaches and preaches a doctrine NOT taught by Yeshua/Jesus, its a doctrine of demons. Just makes me sick to see millions flock to worship him. If that many people would just fall to their knees, and Repent to Jesus, and seek salvation we would be in a MUCH better place. It amazes me that people don't have time for God, or Jesus but they have time to wonder after this beast!? Smh!! … Revelation unfolds … Now there saying he's performed his 2nd miracle. It's just so disgusting to watch!! … All praise and glory to Our Holy Abba Father in Heaven, and his Most Beloved, and Blessed Yeshua/Jesus, Amen!! … GB and TC Brother Paul 💓💓💓


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