I was strongly and spontaneously guided to create this video without putting a shirt on and keeping my glasses on and just talk about anything. I am currently watching Stargate: Atlantis which is a show which features Ascended Beings in a positive way and in-depth.

Then I explain some of the prophetic dreams I’ve had about the Galactic Superwave which occurs every 26,000 years or so which will erase all darkness from this planet forever and trigger The Event.

Then I talk about dreams where I was an Ascended Being and others where I was experiencing the Superwave (I was hit by 2 non–physical energetic waves which caused me to begin turning into light) and experiencing Ascension except I went sent back because it was too early.

You can check out The Jesus Synchronicities where these dreams and many other incredible synchronicities have been documented:


Thank you for your time brothers and sisters and I wish everyone much love!




  1. Ive was breaking down scene by scene the irobot movie
    Heres the disclosure points found
    -the robots are ( 5-Gen…like 5g)

    – Women A.I. "viki" ( before siri) the mastermind/controller ( in cobra interview long ago it was asked if their are female chimera"thats classified ")

    – the people are put into quarantine when the robots glow red and become detriment to society mear the end .

    – Main character is supposes to follow the breadcrumb trail

    – There are many Trapezoids in the movie

    – reoccuring nightmares ( memories)

    – main character was chosen due to specific perspectives ue had which would enable him to find the truth

    -no one believes main character and many hidden / descreet attempts are made by the enemy to remove him, often failing but making him seem more crazy in the eyes pf those hes attenpting to awaken to the greater truth/threat

    Few more, no need to go on forever but its good practice and basically free to
    Use .

    "You have more than you know"
    "Symbolism will be their downfall"
    "Sometimes you cant tell the public you must show them"

    After the movies spilt into usually between 50-100 parts when finished. I then pull out all the tiny clips relevant for right now, somethimes they need to be clipped together as the truth in plain sight tactic often used in threads like a backbone to the movie so there is unnecessary filler in between but when proper scenes are linked together it becomes obvious .

    I have intense synchs as well , including w/ Sananda

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