Was todays death report tied to the ritual sacrifice? Im leaving the links and if you can make sense of it hit me up rjcjr10@yahoo.com
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2gSTofGybo D.R dies
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  1. Do one on the Denver Sacrifice/Event that is happening in a couple of days. This one should be very interesting for the Winter Solstice since we are entering into Galactic Alignment. This ascension process is getting kicked up another notch or two!

  2. I've had to wonder if he's really dead or has become an ai experiment. Someone with that much power and money who has been SO evil-would do everything in their power to not go to their God earned reward. Human sacrifice could play a part in that-like cern-not JUST science. I agree with you, my mind has been telling me I've missed some detail about the meaning of the timing and his "death".

  3. Once you actually stop watching the television, this all becomes so absurd and you begin to wonder how you ever believed anything that came across said media. I'm dead serious, I knew before I stopped watching, but completely shutting it off, I quickly became immune to the black /white left right paradigm of mind manipulation govt tactics.
    Actually, watching family and others watch the tube today, and I felt really bad for them and what was on the news as I walked by today 3/22 was simply laughable to me and was just preposterous

  4. Ritchie,today the head of the I R A died aged 66 on 3 21 2017,something massive is coming,i don't believe these people are dying,i believe they are cashing in their tickets.Last week Rothschild pulled all his investments from the stock market.Hmmmmmmmm, one love brother (i'm out)

  5. Richie it's the trump card!!Remember when then Phoenix was swapped with trump for a spell?! The Phoenix on the world represented one world currency! As featured in the ROTHSCHiLD Mag from 1988 one world currency!!


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