Originally Aired on April 12, 2013
There are those of us who study and look into the dark corners of the Illuminati and secret governments. There are others who have lived it. Stan Deyo, author of The Cosmic Conspiracy falls into the latter category. He has stories that make James Bond seem mundane. Suppressed technologies, an alien presence, underground laboratories, and plans for genocide are just some of the things Stan Deyo encountered during his days working behind enemy lines. Since his exodus from the Illuminati, Stan has spent several years warning the world of the coming great deception and the one who will deliver us from it. The conversation goes not just through Stans experiences but also the inner workings of antigravity, harnessing energy from the aether, Tesla coils, and more.



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  1. Am I the only one that took issue with the statement he made at around 33:00 minutes in. Where God says to satan "let's not have a war on our people, let's try your theory down there" on earth.
    Really ??? The Bible says Satan was cast down out of Heaven.
    Luke 10:18 And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from Heaven.
    The way he tells it sounds like they're playing a game of Stratego to see who's way is best. I ain't buying it.

  2. Bible has been taught as truth for at least 2 thousands yrs. I was also. Told Santa was real and well he went missing………looking at. The nature of the old testament God I would say WE are better off with no lunatic God. Who taught slavery. Among other atrocities….

  3. Amazing interview. Thank you! This is further proof for me that the "Reptillians" are really the "Nordics" (fallen ones). I'd never heard of them having tiny iridescent reptile scales. But I have heard reports of them being able to shapeshift like the scriptures say Satan can. It all ties together. All "aliens" are evil and on the same side. They just use controlled opposition to fool people (reptoids and grays).

  4. im telling everyone i cashier for about the connection between the emv chip and my old military id chip card (cac card) ie controled access card. also im lering them know its connection to the United Nations sustainable development and how its looking to be the framework for the mark of the beast (btw the is Mike from Yakima ill send more info as it becomes available )


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