According to reports, the statue of liberty (ISIS) went out last night except for the torch and crown. its clearly or probably another ritual being done as usual in plain sight.
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  1. Maybe the fact that the BODY disappeared and not the crown or torch, means that they crown and torch are being passed on to a different BODY. It reminds me of when the US flag was taken down on the Brooklyn Bridge and replaced it with a faded nearly white one. Gotta be a message there somewhere.

  2. Let's replace that old ugly bitch with a Statue of "Freedom", shall we? "Liberty" is what a sailor is GRANTED when the ship docks. It's T-E-M-P-O-R-A-R-Y and ends once the ship sets sail again.

  3. Far out, my 15 year old is doing an art assignment at school right now, which is her representation of the 'end of humanity'. She has the statue of liberty falling into an angry ocean with real litter that she's collected from the streets all wrapped around it as it's falling. Maybe spiritually she knows something more. Can't wait to show her this video 🙂

  4. that fucking animal who raped that 82 yr old lady should be set on fire till death! or at least someone put a bullet in his head! fucking waste of life!!!!

  5. Sometimes I wish God would give me super powers so I could destroy these masonic structures! I would do it in his honor and for his glory. Praise Jesus, for he is our savior and light in this dark world! Great job Richie!

  6. …Well HERE"S my idea [for what it's worth]:
    …Let us not forget that Statue is constructed of COPPER
    …Copper closed today 3/8/17 at …………………… $2.58 per Oz
    …The statue of ISIS weighs ………………………….. 245,000 Lbs
    …That comes to a nice round figure of: ….. $18,576,000 DOLLARS

    …Now we All could visit sneaky-like while the Lights are Out with our little oxy-lites and CASH IN…OR
    …With the WORDS:

    …Facing out for ALL the WORLD TO SEE !
    …(just'a thought)

    …Peace'n may God Bless. …

  7. Hey, Yo Richayyyy! I'm thinking it is representing our current state of our country right on point! After all to cut to the chase, this country has become the whore of Babylon!! Very sad, but unfortunately, very true!!! Hurry back Jesus!

  8. In the elites love for opposite talk SHE is also WELCOMING new SLAVES to the land of the (free) actually SLAVERY!
    Puts a ! On the end of mothereffer 🤦🏼‍♀️
    Despise the evil freaks

  9. hi Richie…thought it was strange coming across this video right on WOMENS LIBERTY DAY 8TH MARCH…ISHTAR seems very relevent today….check out google doodle for today! just thought it was unusual…thanks Richie☺

  10. All eyes should be open at this time. All the signs of a potential false flag are popping up. First we have the Vault 7 data dump used for distraction. A ritual with the lights going out on the Statue of Liberty. Spudgy Pang on YouTube has found the date 3/11 embedded in all the media and entertainment indicating a false flag in Seattle on that date. This 3/11 is also the Hebrew date of Adar 13.  The date in the Bible that was chosen by Hayman to exterminate all the Jews. The elites are up to something!

  11. Do you guys want to know something extremely pathetic? I just found a typo in that link, in the New York Daily News' article regarding this topic. If you look, in the middle of the article, it literally says "a day without a women". HA!!!! It should either say "a day without women", or "a day without a woman"… I am absolutely appalled that the New York Daily News could be that careless/unprofessional….. I suppose I shouldn't be, however. That's pretty bad though.

  12. Im surprised our masters haven't blown up the Statue of Liberty or sunk the USS Constitution yet as justification for more war with the 7 nations Israel needs to conquer.


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