Qantas should quit preaching to passengers and concentrate on flying, according to Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson.

Peterson, who is on a speaking tour of Australia, slammed the airline’s inflight “propaganda” and “moral lessons”, particularly its Acknowledgement of Country message played before take-off and landing.

“I could really do without the land acknowledgement propaganda delivered to me by a corporate behemoth @Qantas. I’m sure I’m not the only who feels that way,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Stick to (1) flying and (2) making money. I don’t want or need moral lessons from you or any other corporation.”

Qantas responded that it would continue to “foster a shared national identity” where Australians “take pride” in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage.

“As the national carrier, we are uniquely positioned to connect people to the world’s oldest living cultures through our domestic and international networks,” the airline said.

“Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures are integral to the Spirit of Australia and we seek to amplify this throughout our customers’ journeys.”

Peterson has been outspoken during his time in Australia, telling Sky News that politicians behaved appallingly during the pandemic.

“I know how these politicians operate… they abdicate responsibility to idiot opinion polls so they stupidly sample public whim and craft their policy to magnify their attractiveness to that whim it’s so appalling,” he said.

“I know perfectly well that that’s what crafted COVID policy in Canada during the pandemic, it wasn’t science.

“I know the people who were advising the people who were making the policies.”

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