“Still A Tower They Are Building….” [Flat Earth Poetry]

Just a little poem I wrote, thinking about this false Techno-Gnostic gospel of “Transcension”…



  1. Hello,
    the problem which this guy at the beginning of your video has is he is not a sheep of our good Shepherd because of this he doesn't know the truth.
    He only says "…if…this what some human said(is true)…."he doesn't understand don't we are on this "planet" everything there is.

    1 Corinthians 1:19
    โ€œFor it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.โ€

  2. What if the aether of the electric universe is the vale that god has placed over us. It would explain the quantum experiments and the visible light spectrum of electro dynamics. There is a vale surrounding us all that keeps lucifer from having direct control over us. If that is true then the electrical grid humanity has built is as much to weaken that vale as anything the devils of this world have done.

  3. Question: if we're being sucked into a black hole type situation and being slingshotted into the future that's supposedly ever progressing, how will we meet anybody in the future? since this learning is supposedly neverending, wouldn't futuristic people have already been sucked into another black hole and slingshotted into another dimension already? It would be never ending!! Scratching my head๐Ÿค” he ends it with transcension I'm going to end it with dementia! ๐Ÿคฃ

  4. Obelisks are piezoelectric conductors that can be used to create and host ethereal toroidal energy vortexes on. Think of it as a tower with a huge donut shaped energy field radiating out from it that is able to implant thoughts, moods and emotions in its vicinity. The larger, higher and more powerful the further the reach. Don't be surprised if the Dubai tower can broadcast mental messages throughout the entire middle east.

  5. Have you heard of fuzzy logic in math, oppose to binary logic in our current math system with cantor's set theory, going back to aristole's logic? btw, I saw your video linking the academy language to nothing but geek pagan occult.

    It also makes sense that the triangle also relates to the logic trap. If we are all trained to think in "if, then" logic, we never will solve how fire is made with 3 dependent elements, as an example. I do think the triangle relates to the holy trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

    Also, there is a beautiful math proof that shows that irrational number is a false assumption in the pythagorean theorem.

    What I am saying is that math is also their greek occult system, also English appears to have similar characters.

  6. this guy gets it….it's a quest to live forever apart from God and be your own god just as Satan deceived them to believe long ago. It's a strong delusion to capture your soul into separation from God who loves you so that he who hates God can have some momentary satisfaction that he stuck it to the ancient of days. Good ole pride and where it leads. It is Jesus who will inherit the kingdoms on this world and all must bow before Him either by choice in love and repentance or by force after you have rejected his love. See the truth now and turn to God before the cost becomes your life in the testing soon to come upon the earth.

  7. Wow such a great and beautiful poem, thank you so much for your great work, I really enjoy everything you post. There is no doubt that Flat Earth is what connect us to God, God is our creator and the only one, with love in our hearts and minds we connect with Him because God is love and so are we!!!!. Love and blessings.

  8. Uh, TiStF, can you contact 119? He's teaching globe. He did a really good vid on Nimrod, but said that the third city he built was named after the god, Anu, which was the Sumarian flat-earth god. He mentions that "sadly enough, many are returning to the belief of Anu." (he shows a print that said Anu was the name of the dome that covered the flat earth). So he thinks (or was forced by threats to his family) that people are returning to worshiping pagan gods because the Sumarians worshiped the "sky god," or what Pennselvania University refers to as "Anu, the name of the dome that covered the flat earth." I really love 119, but can't believe they would be onboard with the establishment.

  9. What is a person before the view of whole world, but a speck of dust. Now what is a person before the Holy God who created the world? You are nothing, yet God found you worthy to die for. Without believing Jesus is God means you know not God. Sin brings death. the wages of sin are death the Word says. The only thing to fix our separation from God through sin is the blood of a sacrifice, and that sacrifice has to be perfect or the payment isn't permanent. since we are all born in sin, no one meets that standard. Clearly since the only one to meet God's standard is God, God goes Himself as Jesus. ย God became a man, Jesus Christ, and lived the sinless life we couldn't. He willingly took all the wrath of God that was met to be poured on us for all the evil that we are, and He bore it. He took the full force of God's punishment, becoming our sin and dying with it. Because a perfect sacrifice was the only way to pay a debt for a people as sinful as we are. Someone had to die, so he did it Himself. Cause He wanted us back for Himself. He became payment for a people who could not redeem themselves. Then He rose again, defeating death and the grave. That meant the redemption was guaranteed, For all who believe. ย We serve a living God who paid our debt. All you have to do to be declared innocent is Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. That His death was enough to pay the penalty for your sins and live a lifestyle of repentance. Which means to change one's mind. To turn away from sin, God makes you a new man in Christ, He is the one who regenerates your person to make you a New Creature. With a new heart and new mind who hates to do sin, and to displease God. When we do sin, which we all do, we will repent and ask God for His mercy and Grace to help us to never do it again.God is real, and whether you believe in Him or not, you will stand before Him. It comes down to you believe on Jesus or you die and go to hell. There's no way around it and no way to sugarcoat it for you. It's one or the other. You see, Jesus had to be God or nobody is saved.


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