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4) PLENTY of sites and News reports that are reporting on these scientific programs. Just Google it & you’ll find them pretty easy :D!



  1. & now there is talk of Crisper saying ..get ready for designer babies.. Just sick satanic demons inhabiting the elite and lost and they believe the same lie the serpent told in Genesis.. Ye shall be as gods.. Smh they think they are gods.. But true believers know only Jesus Christ is God in the flesh!

  2. I cannot say for sure but: to me you seem to be a highly educated man perhaps a professor or a very wise pastor/minister of the Lord. Thank you so very, very, very, much for enlightening us viewers with your findings. So many people know so little if any about the very things you bring to light. Thank you!!! It's a wake up call to the world. May the Lord bless thee and keep thee, ALWAYS!!!

  3. Are you kidding me? That's what they use to say to their kids in the Old days. They adults didn't talk about sex. So they told the kids when they were going to have a baby the stork brought the baby. Don't you know history?

  4. The children is so unruly❗I saw a clip where a lady was on a plane with her son. The little boy who must've been about 5 or 6 years old kept jumping and kicking on the seats. He would hit his mom and spit at her and she did nothing. He screamed like he was possessed❗He screamed the whole time they were on the plane and the trip was 4 hours❗I don't understand why people with children like this boy don't discipline them❗ Even THE LORD says " spare the rod, spoil the child. I believe the parents that raise their children in a Christian home has a better chance for their futures and they're more discipline than other children. Knowing Our LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST will also give them eternal life❗👏🌸💒💕👏🌷💒💕👏💜💒

  5. As it was in the days of Noah… Indeed.

    The story about creating babies "without sperm" is extremely worrisome. The baby is a clone of the mother! All they're doing is rephrasing it to make it more palatable for the masses.

  6. Oh man are these God wanna be's gonna be in so much trouble when our Lord and savior Jesus Christ cleans house. It's all bad for them. They are gonna be so so sorry and it's gonna be too late. You mark my words.

  7. A lot of the World, Christians and other religions are asleep and don't know how this will affect them and their futures. Its an attack on the family unit. Doing away with human relationships, so that Men are able to live together, without women. They are trying to create loopholes, so they can defy the word of God. But, just like the tower of Babel was stopped and confused, so will this agenda. Jesus is Lord!

  8. Its the truth in plain sight! They are letting us know about cloning. Genetic processing. They are already doing this with dogs, cats, monkeys, fish, frogs, etc…they are perfecting the regeneration of people. Bringing the back alive. Growing cells, ECT….its already here!

  9. "Reebok" on your pants is predictive programming and indoctrination. Stop advertising a big corporation. You're conflating ideas from multiple movies. "Storks" is fiction, as is making babies from machines. Stop committing the "slippery slope" fallacy ("just Google it"). Also, stop blocking the very small video part of your presentation and lower the music volume. Um…yea, that's it.


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