Canary Cry News Talk #603 – 03.20.2023 – Recorded Live to Tape
STORM TRUMPERS | Re-Globalization, Xi Plus Putin, ESG Kills Banks, Alien Motherships
A Podcast that Deconstructs Mainstream Media News from a Biblical Worldview
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HELLO, RUN DOWN 9:37 V / 4:45 P

TRUMP 11:52 V / 7:00 P
Trump says he expects to be arrested on Tuesday, calls for protests (Reuters)

→ Stormy Daniels tweeting up a storm ahead of possible indictment (Yahoo/Insider)
→ Amid publicity tour, porn star Stormy Daniels denies having an affair with Trump (CNBC)
→ DeSantis stays silent, MAGA push to do something about Trump indictment (MSN/Insider)
→ Possible Trump Arrest Is ‘Effort to Distract’ From Hunter Biden: Comer (Newsweek)
→ Elon tweet: Dr. Evil meme “The banking system is collapsing,” “ARREST DONALD TRUMP”


FLIPPY 38:41 V / 33:49 P
Engineers created a paper plane-throwing bot to learn more about flight (PopSci)

WEF/WW3 49:55 V / 45:03 P
Globalization has rallied and is even working better – new report (WEF)
→ IMF “Forces at Play” PDF, deglobalization answer is CBDC (IMF)

AFRICA 58:33 V / 53:41 P
DUMA – 40 African countries visit Russia (Duma)

RUSSIA – CHINA 1:11:56 V / 1:07:04 P
*Defiant Putin Visits Mariupol, a City Razed by Russian Forces (NY Times)
*Putin to welcome Xi to Moscow under shadow of Ukraine war (Reuters) (Clip)
USA Clip: John Kirby, call for cease fire “unacceptable”
*‘Hunting rifles’ — really? China ships assault weapons and body armor to Russia (Politico)

TAIWAN 1:30:11 V / 1:25:19 P
*US would destroy Taiwan’s semiconductor factories rather than letting them fall into China’s hands, a former national security advisor says (Insider)

HONDURAS 1:32:08 V / 1:27:16 P
Honduras betrays Taiwan (Vice)

NORTH KOREA 1:35:06 V / 1:30:14 P
N Korea says 800,000 youths volunteer to fight ‘US imperialists’ (Aljazeera)
→ North Korean ICBM could hit central US in 33 minutes (DailyMail)

POLAND/NATO 1:36:13 V / 1:31:21 P
Polish Ambassador: Poland will be forced to enter war if Ukraine fails (Yahoo/Pravda)

PARTY TIME: http://CANARYCRY.PARTY 1:40:23 V / 1:35:31 P

BBB/MONEY 1:49:41 V / 1:44:49 P
Biden Veto’s anti-ESG bill (The Hill)
ESG played a roll in SVB collapse (WSJ)
→ Israeli Bankers Pulled $1 Billion from SVB Immediately Before Its Collapse (National File)

ISRAEL/BEING WATCHED 2:11:13 V / 2:06:21 P
EXCLUSIVE: Two Knesset members propose legislation to outlaw sharing the Gospel in Israel and send violators to prison – could it become law? (All Israel)

→ China’s new ‘Smart Religion’ app requires faithful to register to attend services (CNA)

BREAK 3: TALENT 2:27:31 V / 2:22:39 P

ALIENS/LIAR 2:43:21 V / 2:38:29 P
Pentagon officials; alien mothership in our solar system could send mini probes to Earth (Fox)
→ Service member found dead in Pentagon parking lot (The Hill)

BREAK 4: TIME 2:55:39 V / 2:50:47 P



  1. It’s bad enough, that every president that’s held office in last 25 years, have signed off with the Sanhedrin/Israel on the adoption of the seven Noahide laws, so it’s not surprising what religious orthodox Jewish Groups are now suggesting that Preaching, teaching and mere mentioning of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will be a crime with Jailing! Wether our Presidents know or don’t know about the over a 100 sub laws that are attached to the seven Noahide laws that are completely under the interpretation of the Orthodoxy of the Rabbinical court, which gives them power in those over 100 sub laws to put us Christians to death!!! “Thy Kingdom Come “! Get right with God, and seek Jesus now while he can be found! Amen 🙏🏻

  2. First comment 👀 😏
    I missed the show earlier, so, I am having a late night CCNT sesh whilst eating 🥣 some chocolate cereal! 1:57:19 😂 🐶 🦿🦿

    Thanks 🙏🏽 Basil, for breaking down what the ESG is about, I really didn’t understand it. Good stuff!


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