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I thought I’d debunk a few myths about Christian online dating and try it out myself. Just a bit of wholesome content for you all as you go about your days.

The apps I used were Christian Mingle, Salt and Christian Connection – all free and super easy to use. Watch the video to learn more about each one and hopefully gain some insight into what it’s actually like to date people online.

If you want to see more of me, follow me on instagram https://www.instagram.com/ash__es__/ and if you didn’t already know I run a podcast too https://linktr.ee/Covenant.Conversations.

stay blessed and enjoy 🤍




  2. Hey Ashton thanks for the video, and you're a charming lady 🙂 Can I just share what just happened to me on Christian Connection I tried… I'm in complete disbelief right now…

    Christian connection is disgraceful! They deleted my account simply because I wrote about my views on BLM (The movement)… I have worked supporting multiple countries helping many children in Africa, India and across the world, and have evidently seen the masses of corruption which are what lead up to the new leader of BLM resigning, and it's previous members being arrested for child trafficking. Because I even mentioned this in my profile as it's important to me to speak the honest truth always, Christian Connection REMOVED me. In this respect, this website is therefore defending criminals and should be investigated. BLM has really been exposed this week and just because the creators of the dating app are out of touch, they should NOT be deleting peoples profiles if they disagree or do not understand them. I made it CRYSTAL clear I do charity work to make Actual black lives better, and this is an absolute disgrace!!! Why has the world reached this horribly evil position where we protect criminals to live a lie, instead of a life where we aren't afraid to help each other speak up the truth….

  3. Tinder is not for Christians bc there’s no religion option plus most guys are just looking for hook ups. Bumble from my experience was slightly better but still no good. Yubo is a terrible app never download it and salt well I don’t really get many matches unfortunately

  4. I just feel weird about dating online. It feels as though you are shopping for a spouse. I feel that meeting people in person is much easier, since you get to know the whole person and not just their profile picture/texts. I've also had some somewhat unpleasant experiences on christian dating sites. I'm praying that God will bring the right man in person and I continue to put myself out there and seek first the Kingdom of God!

  5. Very beautiful articulate girl. You need to be hanging out with your friends, having fun, dreaming etc not this online dating palaver. The longest relationship I had was with a chap I met one morning on my way to work-after our chat he proceeded to give me a lecture about talking to strange men🙄😂😂!! Leave it to God he ll do the rest

  6. Can we take a minute to appreciate your beauty yassss sis💃🏾 ahh sis the struggle is real I legit gave up on being on dating apps…you find the worst type of people on these "christian " dating apps…

  7. I tried Christian Connection back in the day, full of old dudes trying to hmu 🤣 I mean, seriously ‘would you like to see some photos of my grandkids?’ kinda old. Salt – been on some very awkward dates, and when on the app ran into the same kind of issues you did ( am I judgemental? am I shallow? are my standards too high?) Fwiw all my girlfriends who have tried Salt say they’ve had the same issues, I think as you say it’s how the apps are designed to gear you towards looking at a person’s exterior first. I recently tried going back on Salt after taking a break, and tbh it took only one irritation in the first conversation I was having for me to delete the whole app. Lol, I think I just need to take some time out with the Lord 😂😂

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