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  1. I've had dreams since i was a child of all of this the flood is a reoccurring one and the flooding we see now is only the beginning. The double rainbow was it described in the bible? I see them constantly for the past 5 years

  2. I live in New York and I watch your videos and literally call on Jesus Name throughout each snippet. When I witness the chaos around the world thru these videos it shows me how the Bible is proving to be true and also, even tho we experience Gods Grace daily, that there are other parts of the World that are literally being destroyed weekly. May God continue to Bless you both for helping us recognize and observe the signs of the times. #BeWell πŸ™πŸΎπŸ˜·

  3. Our Lord Jesus Christ is coming because all of the innocent blood that has been spilt and it's crying out to the Lord everything written in the Bible the prophecies are coming true everything that is written is coming true I say repent Whoever has not repented repent ask forgiveness are those you have offended oh Lord Jesus Christ is opening the seals the Seven Seals

  4. Repent for the LORD is at hand! He is calling for mankind to turn from their wicked ways, repent, and call upon Him for salvation before it is too late! He is in the earth's atmosphere now and shifting things in preparation for His coming…Repent Now and turn back to GOD! Thank you my beloved Brothers for sharing and keeping us informed with these end-time updates. GOD bless you, Shalom-Peace…

  5. πŸ›‘οΈβš”οΈπŸ—£οΈ{"My Adonai Is Very Not Pleased How Some Of You Still Won't Change Your Wicked Ways, His Wrath Is Only To Desaplened Your Flesh And To Try To Save Your Soul. So Instead Of You Choosing Death, He (My Adonai Elohiym YAHUAH YIREH) Want You To Choose ETERNAL LIFE And In His Son {Yahusha Ha'Mashiach's} Awesome Name. Amein. I Say Unto You, Following My ADONAI'S COMMANDMENTS Is Better Than To Desire What The Earth Can Give You And Take From You. "My Elohiym Kingdom Is Like Spring How Everything Is Made New And How Beautiful It Is In All Heaven, It's Like A River That Will Never Run Dry Ever. My Adonai's Kingdom Is Like The Sea Oceans For Nobody Knows From Whence It Starts And How Deep It Goes. My Adonai's Kingdom Is Like The Brightness Of The Sun When It Comes Up And When It's Hight Up And Comes Down. My Awesome Elohiym YAHUAH TSEVA'OTH Is The Only One That Has CREATED EVERYTHING YOU DO SEE AND DON'T SEE AND CANNOT SEE, HE (YAHUAH) IS MY FAVORITE AND ONLY EVERLASTING QODESH ELOHAYNU, MY ADONAI ELOHIYM IS THE CREATER OF THE UNIVERSE."}πŸ™ŒπŸ˜Άβš”οΈπŸ›‘οΈ

  6. Everyone should ask hisself why God is letting it happen. He is not responsible for it. Its all of us. We have become an evil society over the years. What happens all around the world for already years, decades, is the result of our behaviours. We are all sinners. We do not live according to the 10 demandments, we follow man made rules. Very sad.
    I am not a saint either, but I have regretted whatever I have done wrong in my Life. Not because of the amount of natural desasters they are happening now, each year stronger and stronger. No , but because each time when I did something wrong, I was fully aware of it and felt after deeply ashamed about it. My heart is still alive and not dead like of many others. That gives me hope.

  7. Father God I pray, that our families will come together right now and seek your face, and you will forgive our sins and you will heal our incredible land. In the name of the only savior Jesus Christ Amen πŸ™

  8. I believe Jesus.Christ is coming. I do hope everyone is ready. The things that are happening all over the world are signs. People need to repent . All the weather changes, all themurders all over. There is something wrong. I do not believe there will be another boat, this time there will be fire.God I pray to thee. Show us all the way.

  9. This Are the Days
    Of more praying, trusting
    Fasting, awakening, revival and REPENTANCE!!!!
    The boasting of Father of Lies, deception and abuse will soon END!!!
    The King is COMING

  10. Prepare, Get Your House In Order..
    The Lord Has Just Said That Were Know
    In A New Era. Were Now Living At The
    Very Beginning Of The End!!

    Much More Testing And Trials Are
    Coming.. Pray For Strength, To Endure
    Until The End.. God Have Mercy On Us
    All.. God Bless.. Get Your Hearts Ready..


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