These days, televangelists may be more associated with scandals than they are with actually evangelizing on television, but so far, Joel Osteen has managed to avoid any career-ending personal drama. Osteen and his wife Victoria Osteen are co-pastors at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, and through more than three decades of marriage, they’ve grown their ministry to include successful book sales and a satellite radio channel.

The Osteens’ marriage seems to be quite a happy one (not counting those unfounded divorce rumors from a few years ago), but many people have noted some quirks nevertheless. Let’s take a look at some strange things about Joel and Victoria Osteen’s marriage.

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Conspicuous faithfulness to Victoria | 0:00
Making wives pretty for husbands | 1:22
Ministry wasn’t the original plan | 1:59
The Osteen’s boomerang kid | 3:04
Victoria still “crazy” about Joel | 4:01
The alleged flight attendant attack | 4:52
Joel and Victoria: best-selling authors | 6:11
Constant support, even in controversy | 7:15
Super famous friends | 8:22
The couple learned to compromise | 9:14
Opposing marriage equality | 10:12

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  1. Being alone with a man wont result in false accusations of #metoo #believeallwomen.
    If a man says something that is BS, men and women both will say it's BS and generally that will be the end of it.
    Why would anyone want to spend time without witnesses with anyone who can simply lie and destroy you?
    Want to be treated like a man? Act like one. Dont demand people believe you simply because you were born a woman.
    Or deal with no one wanting to be subjected to your witch trials.
    Are you a badassbitch that don't need no man or a delicate flower that needs protection?
    Pick one. You can't be both at the same time
    Men don't. They hold each other accountable.
    Are you that extra special saintly that you are beyond accountability and everyone should take what you say as gospel?
    If you are a woman, do you believe all women about everything, or have you noticed yourself that other women sometimes …occasionally … lie and attack the reputation of other women for their own self-benefit?

  2. Nicki Swift seems like a huge fan of the Osteens. A strangely positive slant most the way through. Though she does acknowledge their homophobic beliefs. I give it a very tentative thumbs up. Basically the Osteens are in it for the money and their narcissistic personalities.


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