Lust of the flesh is common among all men: Even Street Preachers

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  1. Hey, are you able to not put up any more lustful thumbnails please? Im struggling with sin and I had been on a long time without lusting but some of your thumbnails are making fall

  2. If all you want to do is sin then your not yet converted. Your still bound in your sin consciousness. You need to understand that in Christ, you are complete and no longer a sinner. Works is a mixture of the old covenant of law and morality. Grace is the gift of right standing with God, without Waring with your flesh. Haven't you read in scripture where sin is no longer being held against us? Go fish. I advice not to send this preacher any money as you will have nothing to show for your gift.

  3. All my life I have felt that I was somewhat like Paul in the bible. Im an easy going guy who enjoys doing kind things for others and spending time with friends. I can honestly say I have never had any interest or problem with women tempting me with there bodies. I have never been interested into dating or getting married. I am not perfect and I do sin but just not the sin of lust of the flesh. I should be glad that I'm not a captive of this sin. I find it funny that I have never met anyone who doesn't lust after women. Am I the only guy in the world who has no romantic or lustful thoughts about women?

  4. Are you guys buying this? Your admitting your full of lust, your ruining your testimony. You can't even breath during this video just remembering the beach. Butts and breast. You show lack of anointing. In fact yelling at people, just makes them mad, we need to show love. Not compromise truth, but your approach is not working. It makes people hate Christians.

  5. If you still have lust, why would you go to the beach? It's embarrassing you should erase this video. You are lusting during the video. You need deliverance friend. You need to stay far from women.

  6. I agree.  

    Salvation is like a boat in a stormy and treacherous sea.  Once a person climbs into the boat, they're "saved"; secured while the boat takes you to the shore.  However, if a person foolishly decides to leave the boat and dive back into the water; or are dragged in or lured back in by some other un-saved person, then who in their right mind can argue that the person is "saved"?

    No my friends, you must endure 'till this boat takes you to shore.  You must endure till the end.

    We have come to share in Christ, if indeed we hold our original conviction firmly TO THE VERY END – Hebrews 3:14

  7. Brother Levi i Don't have money .you do have my love of God and my wont to serve him. i am so thankful to her  a man that loves his filo man and wont's to tell them the truth. about Jesus Christ

  8. if one can't do it on his own , and he learns to give it to Jesus he or she will fall. if he ask for forgiveness and gets back up and moves in the plan that Jesus has for us  we learn to grow in God.

  9. Lol, ya man u r definitely right. I find myself doing the samething when am at work, God gives me the strength to turn away from looking. Like u said, all my flesh wanna do is sin and its really not me that turns away but it’s the piece of Jesus that is in me. That’s y I just want the Lord to just consume and anoint me more and more each day, because I am very very week, but I know as long as I recognized that, I will have strength from Him in my moment of weakness. hope the Lord continues to anoint u my brother cause like u said, TEMPTATION IS A MONSTER, but let us press towards the mark with our eyes on the prize and on He who hold the prize.  

    much love.

  10. What is the difference between the Christian lady in the short white SHORTS and the people on the beach? NOTHING!! Truth is, if you are going to preach to turn from sin in skimpy clothing, then don't have on skimpy clothing. I hope what is say is received, because its truth. Im not bashing but just pointing out truth.

  11. Looking is not a sin, looking with lust is a sin. However looking on the nakedness of a person is a sin… simply looking is not a sin.. Jesus said to look "TO LUST" to desire, to covet, to envision unrighteous thoughts is lust. But to look at is not.

  12. I'm trying overcome temptation and I pray all the time that god will give me strength and I read his word everyday but then later on throughout the day I'll give into temptation without any fight. So then does that mean I don't have the Holy Spirit in me to give me strength? I've been a believer most my life and I've already asked the Holy Spirit to live inside me and when I sin I repent and ask that he'll come back into my heart and when I read when it says god won't let us be tempted beyond what we can handle, it discourages me because I feel like I can't handle giving into temptation like I'm not strong enough so it makes me feel like god isn't with me anymore even though I wish I can give up sin for him.


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