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Strike on Channel AGAIN

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  1. We're all rooting for you Brother Levi believe me your honesty about yourself keeps it real and gives us all the drive to stay in battle with you. You are so appreciated for all you do. Much love and Blessings 💛

  2. Praying God protects you and keeps us together growing. Praying for all of us Wayne they are blocking taking pages down deleting pages, it's a war but I pray God's protection over us all

  3. Brother Levi I just found out my mother and father both tested positive for covid they are both unvaccinated please pray for them your videos and channel gives me comfort thank you for your ministry

  4. You are a treasure from GOD. We all have been there Brother Levi and we certainly need each other. Stay strong. GOD has this and will always be glorified in all we do! Peace


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