Today we power rank the Study Bibles! So today we review some Study Bibles and ask “which is best?” Let this video help you find a Bible that might be best for you, or just be something you relax and enjoy.

Study Bible Translation Ranking Tier List

Here are some of the bibles we look at today:
-Life Application Study Bible
-ESV study bible
-Quest Study Bible
-Chronological Bible
-Joyce Meyer Studying the Bible

❓What do you think deserves the S Rank?

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  1. The esv study bible is just as biased as the macarthur study bible. Macarthur is a calvinist and presents his own exegesis while the esv only presents perspectives from calvinism.

  2. The old 1985-1995 NIV Study Bible is still the best because of readability and the explanatory notes.
    They are only available in the secondary market.
    I have most of the study Bibles starting with Scofield, then NASB, ESV, NAB, NRSV, Ryrie, Open Bible etc, etc.

  3. Ew. Joyce Meyers isn't even saved..she's false. I'd put the MacArthur Bible in the A slot and the Joyce Meyers wouldn't even get a place. I'd never buy her stuff. Dr. John MacArthur is what's up, though. I'm Post-Trib, but he's much, much better than most out there.

  4. I am going to get the ESV Study Bible next time I get paid. And, when I do a serious study I always go through my Key Word Study Bible and TCR first and then refer to commentary and study notes. Thanks for the vid.

  5. I’ve never owned a “study bible”; wouldn’t one be assimilating the author’s views as well as the text? Not good for exegesis, especially if you read that “come up hither” means the “rapture” yikes

    God bless you ❤️🙏🏽

  6. I have all but two of those bibles. I also have the nlt chronological life application study bible. I like to compare the two chronological bibles to see how scholars between the two differ on where things go … more like when the occurred. The life application study bible i have in nasb, niv, kjv,and nkjv … not purposely .. some were gifts. Joyce meyers is an amplified bible. Just has artcles she wrote in there. I have JM AMP bible and also a regular AMP study bible. I like to collect bibles. I utilize them in research.

  7. I have the Esv trutone celtic cross cover, the only issues I have found is no real pics, no red lettering. I only know one bible
    (the sword bible) the has red lettering through the bible. There are multiple chronological study bibles, including chronological life application study bible.

  8. The complaint about cost for the ESV Study Bible seems a little misplaced. Looking at Amazon prices right now, it's true you CAN pay as much as $70 if you want to, but there are also editions (including hardcover) under $30–and in my book, $30 is a fair price for any halfway-decent study Bible. And it also has the text in the single-column layout you apparently prefer (as do I).

  9. I prefer chronological life application study bible/life application study bible over my ESV study bible. Because LASB is more personal and helpful to me ,
    while ESVSB is more on scholarly type. I just find LASB more benefitial becus the notes are more to real life.


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