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The “Day of the Lord” (Mat.24:9, 16, 21, 23), introduced in 1Th.5:2, 4, is the main topic of the Second Thessalonian letter. The main sections dealing with the tribulation are 1:6-10 and 2:1-12. Here we see that the tribulation is a time of judgment on those who reject Jesus Christ, and that this judgment will coincide with the revelation of the “man of sin…the son of perdition” (2:3), whom we call antichrist. As Paul will make clear, we have no need to fear these things, for the coming of the Lord and “our gathering together to Him” will come first (2:1).
Suffering Saints in 2Thess1 are Faithful believers in suffering, v.1-5
Paul’s greeting is the same as in the first epistle, however, the cause of his thanksgiving has shifted from their growth and service to their faith and love to one another in the midst of increasing persecution. Three important things stand out.
A. Their spiritual growth had accelerated under suffering, v.3. They had experienced an increase in faith and love, all due to their hope (v.6-7).
B. They met their growing persecutions with patience and endurance, v.4. “Patience” is hupomeno and means “to abide under” pressure. The word “endure” is anecho and suggests “holding up under trial”. It is only by abiding in Christ (Joh.15:1-10) that we can endure affliction. In Rom.5:3 Paul tells us that faith plus trials equals perseverance.
C. God’s righteousness will be demonstrated by declaring all who endure sufferings for Christ “worthy of the kingdom of God”. This has to do with the expectation of eternal reward (1Co.3:14; 2Tim.4:6-8). Believers who do not “walk worthy of the calling” in Christ (Eph.4:1), will forfeit the reward they could have gained (1Co.3:15; Rev.3:11), but their salvation remains secure (1Co.3:15b; 5:5).

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